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  • 1415

    Prince Henry Caper chapter 1 page 22

    Prince Henry was the son of King John of Portugal. He convinced King John to capture the main Muslim trading depot from the northeastern tip of Morocco.
  • 1415

    The Worlds First Racist chapter 1 page 23

    King John and Prince Henry was given the title World's First Racist. Back then people like them capture people as prisoners.
  • 1415

    First Known African Racist chapter 1 page 27

    The African people got mad at Zurara and expressed the same anger he had towards his people.
  • Period:

    History of Racism and Antiracism

    Black History Month,
    Harriet Tubman,
    Rosa Park,
    Martin Luther King Jr. Canada
  • 1577

    Cursed Theory chapter 2 page 29

    An english travel writer named George Best thought that all parties would've thought of owning slaves. The determined that all Africans are cursed.
  • 1577

    Climate Theory chapter 2 page 29

    The theory came from Aristotle. He questions "the way" African were born. He had theory if heat changed the way they were born.
  • English Protestants chapter 2 page 32

    Cotton and Mather were Puritans or English Protestants. They believed that the Church of England was trying to erase Christianity. They traveled across seas to America.
  • Christian Directory chapter 3 page 38

    He believed slaving Africans were the best for them. He lied to people saying Africans "wanted" to be slaved.
  • Privilege chapter 3 page 44

    Whites had the power to abuse their slave/s. Whites wont be punished but punish people who go against them.
  • Germantown Petition Against Slavery chapter 3 page 41

    The petition was the first writing for antiracist among European settlers. The bad things went to worse, slaveholders hated people talking about their way of selling slaves.
  • Witch Hunt chapter 4 page 50

    Samuel Parris's daughter described a black man jumping at her. They all seem to say that the devil is blacks.
  • Racist Code chapter 4 page 52

    There is a code that Africans cant do and have to follow. The whites had power and Africans didn't.
  • First Great Awakening chapter 4 page 53

    Edwards studied under Mather. When Mather died Edwards and whites keep torturing Africans.
  • Black Friends chapter 5 page 58

    Tomas Jefferson was probably the first person to say "I have black friends". He never considers blacks to be slaves but as friends.
  • White Club chapter 5 page 57

    The Philosophical Society made a club only fro white people. It was for white thinks, Philosophers and racists. To get in you had to be white.
  • Intelligent Black Girl chapter 5 page 60

    Phillis Wheatley was a very smart black girl and was smarter than 18 white men. She was smart but couldn't be published because of business.
  • Slaves As Men chapter 8 page 68

    In 1776 Tomas Jefferson wrote "All Men are created equal". It seemed that slaves don't get an opinion to be men or women. They were just slaves who have no power.
  • The 35 Compromise chapter 8 page 73

    The North said "Slaves can't be human". They said that because they barley have slaves.
  • Enslaved Africans chapter 8 page 75

    In 1791 close to 500,000 enslaved Africans in Haiti fought against the French rule. A revolt that gave Africans in Haiti a win. Now Haiti became the Eastern Hemisphere's symbol of freedom.
  • The March chapter 10 page 80

    Hundreds of slaves were suppose to march to Richmond and negotiate equal rights for slaves. They were recruiting slaves that were free.
  • Slave Trade Act. chapter 10 page 82

    In 1807 Tomas Jefferson brought out a new rule that was the Slave Trade Act. His goal was to stop Africans becoming slaves. The rule was paper thin and it didn't stop anything.
  • The Slave State chapter 10 page 86

    Missouri admitted to be a slave state and also admitted Maine as a free state. They couldn't balance the equal rights on both states.