St. Stephen Presbyterian Church

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    St. Stephen Presbyterin Church

  • Fort Worth Presbyterian Church

    On this date, 10 charter members gathered as the Fort Worth Presbyterian Church. The congregation held services in a room over Knight's Livery Stable, and then moved to Evans Hall.
  • New mission on the south side

    In the 1880s, Fort Worth grew with the railroads that can to town. On this date, four elders petittioned the congregation of First Presbyterian Church to set up a mission church on the south side of the railroad tracks, so that people would not have so far to travel on a Surnday morning. The church purchased a lot on the corner of St. Louis and Broadway avenues for $1,250.
  • First services for Broadway Presbyterian Church

    First services for Broadway Presbyterian Church
    The congregation at FPC learns that on the "next Sabbath," Sunday School classes for the mission church will be held at the new location.
  • Broadway Presbyterian Church

    Twenty-two members of FPC signed a charter to establish Broadway Presbyterian Church.
  • Dr. Junius French

    Dr. Junius French is called as minister to BPC.
  • General Assembly meeting

    The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church meets at BPC, the first time that the General Assembly ever convenes in Texas.
  • Fire on the south side

    On this date a fire burned everything from Peter Smith and Railroad Avenues to Jennings and Jones Streets. BPC, Broadway Baptist Church, and Swedish Lutheran Church all burned to the ground. The congregation of BPC met at a temporary tabernacle set up at the site for the rest of 1909 and 1910.
  • A new building

    Members of BPC march to their new building. The sanctuary features a pipe organ, a unique chandelier that can be lowered for clearning or relamping, and a large clock that is maintained by a member of the church who is an employee of Haltom Jewelers.
  • Foreign mission

    In the 1920s, BPC continues to expand its foreign mission.