Spencer schmid

Spencer Schmid's Timeline

  • Date of Birth - Biosocial

    Born at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan
  • First tooth lost - Biosocial

    Lost my first tooth at four years old
  • First Communion - Cognitive

    First communion at Christ Church Cranbrook
  • Connor Schmid Born (brother) - biosocial

  • Carley Schmid born (sister) - Biosocial

    My youngest sister was born in 97' at Beaumont Hospital
  • Day I got my dog Mel - Cognitive

    First day at home for our new dog Mel. She is now 14 years old, and a bichon-frisse. I love that dog! She is on her last limbs, unfortunatly.
  • Parents divorce - cognitive

    Parents got divorced when I was 11 years old
  • 13th Birthday - Cognitive

    13th birthday, day I became a teenager!
  • Changed High Schools - cognitive

    switched from a public highschool in Birmingham to a private Jesuit school in Detroit
  • Graduate High School - Psychosocial

    Graduated from U of D Jesuit High School
  • Accident - Psychosocial

    Major accident in Grand Rapids, MI. Fell out of a window, shattered my heel and broke various other bones. A turning point in my life both physically and psychologically
  • first day back on my feet (recovery from accident) - Psychosocial

    Day I was back walking after recovering from my accident. Very emotional day, I was not sure I would be able to walk again.
  • 18th Birthday - Psychsocial

    Day I became an adult! 18th birthday, ready to go to college and start my life in Chicago
  • Graduate College - Psychosocial

    Graduate from Loyola University Chicago, a Jesuit school in the heart of Chicago. I graduated with a bachelors in accounting
  • Pictured Rocks Trip - Psychosocial

    Trip up to Pictured Rocks with my family in the Upper Peninsula with my brother, sister, and father. Had a lot of fun connecting with my family in one of the last weekends I am home in Detroit
  • Opened a business at Loyola - Psychosocial

    Opened a student run bike shop in my senior year at Loyola University Chicago that offers bike rentals and repairs
  • Sisters Wedding - Psychosical

    My sister is getting married in September to a guy who is two years older than she is. I am very excited for our family to grow!
  • Starting date for new job - Psychosocial

    Starting work at Grant Thornton
  • Older sisters first child - Psychosocial

    My older sister will have her first child next year., soon after their wedding. I will become an uncle!
  • CPA liscense - Cognitive

    Get my CPA liscense by my birthday in 2013! What a great birthday present that would be!
  • MARRIAGE - psychosocial

    Marriage at 27. Get married to a girl that I have been dating for a year (Hypothetical!)
  • My first child - Psychosocial

    I anticipate having a child (only child) when I am 28, a year after my marriage
  • BUILD A KIT CAR! Cognitive

    By the time I am 29 and maing a decent salary, I would like to build a kit car. As a car enthusiast, this has always been a dream. I want to build a Shelby Cobra 427
  • Younger sisters wedding - cognitive

    My little sister, of who I am very protective, will get married at age 26, a year before I was married at age 27
  • Get my MBA in business - Cognitive

    I want to eventually get my MBA in business to strengthen my skills. I would like to do this by the time I am 37 years old
  • Become a partner at Grant Thornton - Psychosocial

    Date I will become a liscensed partner in the audit division at GT
  • 50th birthday - cognitive

    My 50th birthday celebration. Half a century of living!
  • Fathers death - psychosocial

    Fathers death. Very sad moment in my life. My best friend for many decades
  • First grandchild - Psychosocial

    I think that my only child will have their first child when I am 57 years old.
  • Sail across the pacific ocean - psychosocial

    I am a sailing enthusiast. I would like sail around the Pacific Ocean with a schooner and a team of friends at age 67. Pretty ambitious and active old man!
  • Death - Biosocial

    Potential date of my departure from this earth. This would make me 77 years old. I don't see myself living past that old, health sciences willing.