Southeast Asia

  • Jun 14, 1200

    Arrival of the Thais

    Arrival of the Thais
    Settled in Khmer are from Southern China.
    Buddhism was introduce from India.
    Began to replace Hinduism.
  • Jun 14, 1500

    Colonization of Southeast Asia

    Colonization of Southeast Asia
    The European power were colonizing Southeast Asia.
    Led by Portugal to find spices and other goods.
    Came right after the arriving of Thais.
  • Jun 14, 1521

    Ferdinand Magellans Discovery

    Ferdinand Magellans Discovery
    He claimed the Philippines for Spain while exploring.
    Followers colonized,traded, and spreaded Roman Catholicism.
    They also claimed islands for Spain.
  • Arrival of Dutch traders

    Arrival of Dutch traders
    Drove out the Portuguese.
    Dutch gained control of tea&spice trade.
    Portuga kept only small island of Timor.
  • Period of French & British colonization

    Period of French & British colonization
    Their colonies had plantations,railroads,&mines while setting up.
    People from China&India came to work in the colonies.
    While there, the British&French spreaded Christianity.
  • U.S. ownership of the Philippines

    U.S. ownership of the Philippines
    Won philippines from Spain in 1898.
    Colonial powers ruled most of reigon.
    Thailand was never colonized
  • WW2 Japanese invasion of the Philippines

    WW2 Japanese invasion of the Philippines
    Invaded&occupied most of Southeast Asia by Japan.
    When Japan lost,the U.S. gave the Philippines independence.
    After that other people in the reigon began to fight for their independence.
  • The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War
    War between North&South Vietnam.
    Sent troops to defend South Vietnam.
    Also to defend South Vietnam from communist forces.
  • Civil wars in Cambodia

    Civil wars in Cambodia
    U.S. sent troops to the war.
    They were trying to defend South Vietnam.
    U.S based decision to send troops on criterion, spread of communism.
  • Emergence of Khmer civilization

    Emergence of Khmer civilization
    Reigon most advance early civilization.
    Controlled large empire what is now Cambodia.
    Ankor Wat,hue temple complex
  • Period: to

    Southeast Asia