South African Leisure Throughout History

  • 100

    73,000 B.C.

    The earliest forms of art were discovered in South Africa. The people would put together snail shells on a string to wear as a necklace.
  • 200

    10,000 B.C.

    Cave paintings were discovered, it is said that many tribes would tell stories through the painting. They would also often paint rituals as well as hunts.
  • 200

    10,000 B.C.

    Story telling was a huge way of leisure for South Africsan Tribes. The story tellers would dress up in many different forms of clothing and dressings, while also wearing masks of various types. This was done to create a more spiritual effect upon the listeners.
  • 450

    1,500 B.C.

    The San tribe, also known as one of the white tribes of Africa, originated on the Northern Coast of Africa. However they were forced to migrate south by other, stronger tribes.
  • 450

    1,000 B.C.

    For many tribes, including the San, hunting and gathering was still the only possible way for survival. Markets still did not exist in many places.
  • 1659

    Wine production began becoming extremely popular in South Africa. It is now centered around Cape Town, South Africa.
  • 1800's

    Due to the depopulated land from mass war all throughout Africa, South Africa has been left almost completely unpopulated compared to other regions. White's now migrate to the area and the entire ethnic map has now been changed.
  • 1867

    Diamonds have been discovered in many location in South Africa, causing an enormous outbreak of mining, as well as companies and industry in the country.
  • 1970

    Influential African poets (Mongane Wally Serote) gave insight to the lives of many black African Americans, who are often seen as inferior to the white South Africans.
  • 1980

    A huge movie production called, "The Gods Must Be Crazy,' is produced and filmed in South Africa. It shows the effects of globalization through a fieldworker discovering a coke bottle dropped by an airplane.
  • 1990

    Many women in more rural areas of South Africa are still obligated to walk a few paces behind a man to follow tradition and culture.
  • 1995

    In 1995, South Africa wins the World Rugby Cup
  • 2007

    South Africa wins the Rugby World Cup once more.
  • 2009

    District 9, an extremely popular movie worldwide was shot and produced in South Africa.
  • 2010

    South Africa hosts the FIFA world cup, the world's largest football tournament. It recieved a "9 out of 10" on the host scale.