South Africa 1800-1914

  • Period: to

    South Africa 1800-1914

  • Zulu became part of Bristish controllled land

  • Boers began the Great Trek

  • division of 100 of Africans into ethnic and linguistic groups

    Some Africans stayed to tradtional beliefs, while others switched to Islam or Christianity.
  • David Livingstone adventured through Africa to find the source of the Nile

  • Reporter Henry Stanley found Dr. Livinstone on the shores.

  • Europeans still controlled part of the land

    Europeans controlled 10% of the land mainly on the coast.
  • Stanley signed treaties with locial cheifs of Congo River Valley

    Gave King Leopold personal control of these lands
  • Berlin Conference

    Decidied Africa's fate
  • Boers republics were joined into a self-governing Union with Britiain

  • Belgian government took over colonies

    80 times the side of Belgum and became known as Belgian Congo
  • Only Liberia and Ethiopia remained free from European control