Social studies Se asia timeline

By John D.
  • Jan 1, 800

    Emergence of Khmer civilization

    Emergence of Khmer civilization
    Khmer were the earliest advanced civilization in southeast Asia. The angkor Wat is a sprawling temple the Khmer built. The temple suggests that they were mostly Hindu in religion.
  • Period: Jan 1, 800 to Jan 1, 1499


    The time before the colonization of Southeast Asia
  • Jan 1, 1200

    The arrival of the Thais

    The arrival of the Thais
    the Thai came from southern China. The people settled in the Khmer area. Around this time Bhuddism was replacing hinduism.
  • Jan 1, 1500

    Colonization of Southeast Asia

    Colonization of Southeast Asia
    Europe around this time was searching for goods. The portugese led this expidition. They were looking for spices in the process of finding this area.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1500 to


    when most countries were under colonial powers in southeast Asia
  • Jan 1, 1521

    Ferdinand Magellan's discovery

    Ferdinand Magellan's discovery
    Ferdinand found the phillipines and claimed it for Spain. They came to colonize, trade, and spread Chhristianity. The philippines were vastly affected by this in the future
  • Arrival of Dutch traders

    Arrival of Dutch traders
    The Dutch came and drove portugal out of southeast Asia. portugal only kept the island of Timor. Then the dutch controlled the trade routes around southeast Asia
  • The period of French and British colonization

    The period of French and British colonization
    The French and British established colonies with plantations in southeast Asia, railroads, and mines. A lot of people from China and India came to work there. They spread chritianity too.
  • U.S. ownership of the Philippines

    U.S. ownership of the Philippines
    The U.S. won the Philippeans in 1898 during the Spanish-American war. In 1900 mostly colonial powers ruled most of southeast Asia. Only Thailand remained independent.
  • The WWII japenese invasion of the Philippines

    The WWII japenese invasion of the Philippines
    The Japanese invaded and occupied southeast Asia during WWII. The U.S. gave the philippines independance. Soon, many southeast Asian countries fought for independence.
  • The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War
    The U.S. decided to defend south Vietnam in the 1960's. This was to prevent the domino theory from happening. The domino theory states that if one country fell to communism the others would fall like dominos.
  • The civil wars in Cambodia

    The civil wars in Cambodia
    communists took over Cambonia and laos in 1975. This was bacause of the Civil wars happening at the time. In 1978 Vietnam overthrew the communist goverment in Combonia