Social Studies Class

  • First day of School in Grade 8

    Met Mr. Williams for the first time as your is good!
  • 1 month in...

    After 1 month of Social are all convinced that this is your favorite class!
  • Report Cards

    Even after seeing your mark in this are happy every time you enter this class...
  • No Exam!!

    Thankfully you do not write an exam in this class...but you would have enjoyed it regardless...4 months in now, still your favorite class and Mr. Williams is stil your favorite teacher!
  • Back from break!

    YAY! Being back at school may not be your favorite passtime...but at least Social Studies can brighten your day! You all begin to look forward to your Facebook assignment!
  • class?

    YUP! You are all very excited to learn that you actually get to play with facebook in class...but need to do a bit of research...booo!
  • Unit #3

    Unit #3 will begin...Ancient Greece and Rome, here we come!
  • Saddest day ever!!!

    On this studies will come to an abrupt! Will you ever have a class like this again??