• The Beginning

    The Beginning
    I asked you to be my girlfriend on this amazing day. Though you were sick and didn't wanna go, you still came out and we watched Alvin and The Chipmunks:Chipwrecked together. I asked you to be my girlfriend and though you took a few seconds to answer I knew you were just scared. This has and always will be the best day of my life.
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  • First Valentines Day Together

    First Valentines Day Together
    Our first ever Valentines Day together. I remember going to the movies and sending you not one, but two flowers that day because the other place forgot to cancel. You desereved the two of them anyway <3
  • Junior prom proposal

    Junior prom proposal
    This was probably my more creative prom proposal out of the two I made to you so sorry I couldn't beat this senior year. When I did this, you were legit in the worst mood in the world because i was acting suspicious. The reason for that was because I was asking you out to prom and I was so nervous.Seeing that I could make you happier seeing that I helped meant everything and I hope I make you happy for the next 75+ years and I hope I'm everything you've ever asked for and more <3
  • Junior Prom

    Junior Prom
    The look I'm giving you describes it all. I remember me thinking about our future and picturing us together forever. Hands down one of the best nights of my life <3
  • First recital I attended

    First recital I attended
    Seeing you do your thing, get an award for being the best in one of your classes and seeing you so happy made this such an incredible night. I was so proud of you for doing your thing baby <3 You're the best dancer in the world who I am lucky enough to call mine <3
  • Catherine Lamberson's sweet 16

    Catherine Lamberson's sweet 16
    Though this was nothing crazy, it's another perfect memory we've shared and I remember when you posted this picture it made me smile simply because I saw how lucky i was to caption that "My baby:) "
  • Your trip to Disney

    Your trip to Disney
    This was our first real time away from eachother on vacation. When you got me even the simplest of things like this autograph book, it meant so much to me. Not only did you get me this, but you also wrote me a little note saying how much you loved me and how you felt. This made me smile like you always make me do<3
  • Your first birthday together

    Your first birthday together
    As retarded as I look in this picture, it shows our relationship, how much fun it is to be with you and how we can be ourselves.
  • Esopus Senior Encounter

    Esopus Senior Encounter
    This encounter was about finding yourself Theresa and finding out what makes me happiest. This encounter made me see how you're such a huge part of my life and how much I really do love you to the moon and back. Just like Greg and Kellie had their encounter together and got closer, so did we<3
  • Our first official Christmas

    Our first official Christmas
    Taking you to the city, out to dinner and just enjoying the beautiful tree with the most beautiful woman on this planet. I was so thankful to not be fighting with you at the time I was like the year before. The best gift God could give me <3
  • Our first New Years Eve

    Our first New Years Eve
    It was the first time I ever had someone on New Years Eve. My first midnight kiss, my first ever time being out on New Years Eve, all with my first love <3
  • One Perfect Year

    One Perfect Year
    One complete year and the collage I posted to show some of the times we've shared. Honestly Theresa once we reached this mark, I knew there was no stopping us. I have never felt the love I have for you for anyone because you were my first and my last <3 I gave you a promise ring because it was my pre-engagement ring for you. It was my promise to always be by your side, always love you and never give up on this because it's going to last <3 1.6.12 always and forever <3 :*
  • Knicks Game

    Knicks Game
    I still have that stupid hat I bought that came with the cotton candy. The best gift because I wanted to go to a game so badly. Thankyou once again for the gift because it meant everything <3
  • Our Second Valentine's Day together

    Our Second Valentine's Day together
    You gave me the biggest card ever that day and it was the day I gave you my heart and prom proposal. The heart I gave you resembled that you'll always have my heart wherever you go and nothing will ever change that. PS- You said yes to prom :p
  • St. Paddy's Day

    St. Paddy's Day
    You're the one that taught me Paddy's was spelt Paddy's and not Patty's :p This was the first time I was ever drunk with you and it just was so much fun being with you and giving you that nice smooch when it started snowing in March.
  • Our second Easter together

    Our second Easter together
    This being our second year of Easter and making this a tradition to dye eggs means everything. It's something we will do with our children and I honestly cannot wait <3
  • Will and Cait's wedding

    Will and Cait's wedding
    This was the day that made me see it all. From the future wedding, to spending the rest of our lives together it all made me want to work harder and harder no matter what. If they could do it across the pond, I know we could do it a few miles away Theresa. I will work my ass off till the day I die <3
  • Your senior day

    Your senior day
    This is where I realized it really was all coming to an end for highschool. I remember going to so many of your games and seeing how amazing you were and how proud I was to be yours. I truly did love every single game you played because I got to see you perform at such a high level. You were my MVP and my everything and i am so proud of you for finishing what you started<3 I miss this so much Theresa.
  • Last day of High School

    Last day of High School
    Saddest day of my life for one reason. It was my last day walking you through the halls, my last day spending all my day with you during the week and we were leaving the one place that brought us so close together. I will forever call this home and always be thankful for coming to Molloy because it brought me the love of my life <3
  • Senior Prom

    Senior Prom
    I still believe to this day I was the luckiest man at prom. This was the best weekend of my life and I owe it all to you for making what's supposed to be the most memorable time of your life, the most memprable time of my life. You were the most beautiful woman there as you always are and I had the best date there because you're one in 7 billion Theresa.
  • Day at the Beach

    Day at the Beach
    Just a simple memory and the last memory before we graduated high school for good. The smiles we have, the love and connection we share, it's all present in the picture and it shows how happy and in love we are with one another.
  • Graduation Day

    Graduation Day
    The day I looked back at every memory I made at Molloy and saw that every amazing memory was with you Theresa. I couldn't have gotten through highschool if it wasn't for you and I just wanted to say thankyou for the best years of my life. You made my highschool experience worth every second and you are my highschool sweetheart and always will be my first and last love <3
  • Seocnd dance recital

    Seocnd dance recital
    To end off the best school year of my life, we had the dance recital which you did absolutely amazing in. You played the little puppy from Wizard of Oz and you did so many other dances that i was so proud of you. The next recital is one that you'll always remember because it's your first one teaching and dancing at the same time. I can't wait till that because I know you'll do even better :*
  • Jay-Z concert

    Jay-Z concert
    This was the last memory we had before you had that event that made you sick. When you said you wanted to end this because it would never be the same, this is one of the last things I kept thinking about because it was the time of my life<3 this concert was amazing all because of you and I couldn't have asked to sweat my ass off with anyone better<3
  • Cyclones game

    Cyclones game
    The very last event before you were sick with that thing. It was all I thought about when you wanted to end this because I had so much fun I was so scared to lose you and never be happy again. yet again we got over that too and it's only made us stronger <3 I love the silly faces we make, the smiles we share and the memory we made that day <3
  • Your 18th Birthday

    Your 18th Birthday
    Sweet God I was wasted that night lol. I dropped 75 bucks but it all caused everyone to have a great night on the princess's birthday. I hope you loved everything from the gifts, to the surprise of Gabi and Tara and just the night itself. You deserved every second of it baby <3
  • Rise Of The Jack O'lanterns

    Rise Of The Jack O'lanterns
    Another tradtion that we've made by going to look at pumpkins. This day, everything about it made me see how perfect it will be one day when we have our family. Watching the twins, being with you, it all was so perfect and made it feel like we really were married baby <3
  • First St.John's basketball event

    First St.John's basketball event
    Tip-off was incredible. Though I don't go to Saint John's, you always make me feel like I am at home and it's always so real when we're together. Just the fact that you let me come all the time to hangout it means so much babe and I am so lucky to be able to spend days like that with you <3
  • Walk on the beach

    Walk on the beach
    Single handedly the best memory of our relationship. We had a little bit of a tough time because of what happened the day before but this day made up for everything Theresa. It was perfect and we got to watch the sun set. We forgot what happened saw how blessed we were to have what we have and I can honestly say it will always be the best memory of this relationship, obviously after the day you said yes to me <3 It showed how strong we really are and how nothing can ever stop us:*
  • Thanksgiving Day Parade

    Thanksgiving Day Parade
    Our first and last parade because I don't think you ever wanna go again you said :p Just going with you and having ythat experience made me feel so blessed because I got to go to my first parade as a teenager with my first love. One day we will bring the kids and it'll be perfect because our dream will become reality <3
  • Second official Christmas

    Second official Christmas
    Our second official Christmas together. I can honestly say every year is better and better and this was so memorable because no matter what the weather was like, we made the best of it and it was perfect because we were together babe <3 Kissing you, holding your hand and watching the tree is truly the most wonderful time of the year with the best gift of my life <3
  • What is left

    What is left
    Theresa the past 2 years have been the best two years of my life. I can honestly say I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. Ever since you came into my life you've made it perfection. This picture shows what we have to come. Togther we're the perfect two and I am so proud of what we have become. I know we have 75+ years and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you <3 Happy 2 years baby and many many more<3 1.6.12 always and forever till the day I die<3 I love you a+f baby<3