Silk Road Major Events

  • Period: 100 to Dec 31, 750

    Silk Road Major Events

  • 320

    Gupta Dynasty

    This is significant because this is the start of a dynasty.
  • 330

    Samudra Gumpta becomes king.

    This is significant because the Gupta dynasty has a new king. Any new king is important.
  • 420

    Hephthalites Empire Begins

    This is significant because this is the start of a new empire.
  • Period: 420 to 427

    Hephthalites war with Sassanian Empire

    Important war because the Hephthalites will lose and the loss makes them come back for revenge.
  • 454

    Revenge Hephthalites war with Sassanian Empire

    This is important because the Hephthalites win this war. They lost earlier but come back to win.
  • 457

    Firuz, former king of Sassanian, requests Hephthalite assistance

    The enemy asks for help. The Hephthalite give Firuz the help he needed to regain throne of Sassanian
  • Period: 464 to 475

    Hephthalites war with Sassanian again

    This is significant because the Hephthalites were allies with them but the Sassanian didn't want peace. The war ended with the Sassanian Empire tribute.
  • 500

    Kubad regains Sassanian control

    The Hephthalites help Kubad regain control for a second time. There is no third time.
  • Period: 503 to 513

    Sassanian wars with Hephthalites again

    They wage war again even after the Hephthalites helped them. The war ends with peace. There are no more wars between the two,
  • 520

    Reduction of Gumpta Empire

    The once great Gumpta Empire is reduced and are forced to pay tribute to the new rulers.
  • 550

    Gumpta Fall

    The Gumpta dynasty is unable to recover from the invasion and falls.
  • 565

    Turks and Chosroes ally to capture and divide Hephthalite empire

    This is important because this is when other cultures start to try to overthrow the Hephthalite empire.
  • 570

    Fall of Hephthalites

    The Hephthalites finally fall. They are overthrown in India.
  • Gupta Expansion

    This is significant because they expanded to the east (into what is now Myanmar), all territories north to the Himalayas (including Nepal), and the entire Indus Valley region to the west.
  • Hephthalites invade

    This is significant because this is when the Gumpta dynasty starts to decline.
  • Firuz regains Sassanian throne with help of Hephthalite armies

    The Hephthalite help Firuz and regains control.
  • Firuz initiates new war against the Hephthalites

    The Sassanian Empire wars again with the Hephthalites Empire. The Sassanian lose again and peace is finally made.
  • Kubad takes refuge in Hephthalites Empire.

    This is important because Kubad is Firuz's heir. Kubad is able to take control of the Sassanian Empire with Hephthalites help
  • Kubad gains control of Sassanian Empire

    This is important because without the Hephthalites help, Kubad would have never been able to gain control.
  • Kubad takes refuge in Hephthalites again

    The Hephthalites Empire takes Kubad again. This is important because they always give second chances.