Siddharth’s Education

  • My first school, TMS

    My first school, TMS
    I don’t really remember anything except that this was the first school I joined, I was there till 5th grade. We did not have exams until 6th grade. My friends were the most lame people I had ever met, they made the dumbest jokes I have ever heard in my life. My teachers though were pretty good and lenient but like teachers, they had that ‘I am tired of you’ look. Just as the exams were about to start I shifted schools, I really miss my old school. But, to be honest I was looking forward to it.
  • Football

    I have started this hobby of playing football very recentlely, I joined BOCA junior in 2016, but after a year I didn’t think it was the right sport for me. 8 years later, I started playing football a little more in my new apartment and that triggered my interest. I started watching football games and saterted playing it in my new school. I dont really play it professionally with all the rules and I can be in any position any day, I can be a goalkeeper, defender or in the midfield position.
  • Cars

    I have had an interest in cars since the past 5 years. I have done research on a lot of cars, and learned about how they work. Sometimes I just go to showrooms for the fun of it. It’s a hobby for me to research and rate new cars when I am jobless. I just go to YouTube and start watching reviews about a new car that has entered the market, this really helps me understand the difference and the advantage that each kind of car gives us. Like electric cars, Hybrid cars or just normal fuel cars.
  • Coding

    I started coding in Python, I joined a class that my mothers colleague was teaching, I wrote simple codes in python like adding and subtracting codes. Soon after that I started programming in more diverse languages, like flutter, C#, and Unity. I created my first app which was a simple calculator with all the functions it should have. After that I found something I have a lot of interest in, which was making VR(Vritual Reality). Even currently I am working on developing my VR skills.
  • Chess

    I started chess around 2020. It was a hobby I developed in the lockdown, I mostly played it for passing time. But my mother wanted me to get serious about it. She found me a online class. I really liked it because their was real competition here and it was fun making new friends to play with during the lockdown. My teacher started organising online tournaments, the first few went decently, but still I didn’t make the podium. I can still remember, the day I came first place in the tournament.
  • Reading

    I didn’t really read too much. But I got a kindle from my fathers friend. I thought of giving it to my sister, but my mother told me to give it a shot. I had a interest in Greek Mythology, so I started reading Percy Jackson, as I kept reading on the kindle I started reading more and more kinds of books, from Wimpy Kid to autobiographies. This helped develop my vocabulary. Then I started understanding the different types of books and which kind I liked, which was Historical Fiction.
  • Cricket

    Just as I shifted to my new house, I heard that CSE(Centre for sports excellence) was only 10 minutes away, I generally had interest in cricket, but never thought about going for coaching. I started it in 2022, a couple of months before I started going to my new school, I started going for coaching, and I immediately understood how terrible I was. But now I am actually really good! I like how they professionally play with proper equipment and really help us with technique development. It’s fun!
  • Band

    I started band intro in my first semester of CIS, we went through a lot of mouthpiece and rhythm testing to choose our instrument. I chose the clarinet, because it was more comfortable compared to the other instruments like the flute, trombone, trumpet, and percussion instruments. We started our journey by playing simple lines of music. We slowly got introduced to new notes and started playing a little more complex songs. I am really nervous as we are going to be playing on stage this semester.
  • CIS(Canadian International School)

    CIS(Canadian International School)
    When I entered the campus, I saw was people wearing the same uniform as me, but they all looked like they were in high school. I didn’t really make any friends on my first day, but it went fine, as I got to know my teachers. On my second day, I had French as my second period. 5 minutes before the end of the class, a guy named Anirudh came and told me to remove my jacket completely. he told me I was wearing the high school uniform. I have been in the same school for 6 months now and it’s great!