Shelby Mamo's Lifespan

By mamosn
  • Birth

    A baby girl was born at 6:36 p.m. named Shelby Nicole Mamo weighing 8lb 4oz at Sini Grace Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.
  • First Words (Cognitive)

    Spoke my first word, which was "da da"
  • Crawling (Biosocial)

    First starting crawling at 6 months old
  • Baby Food

    Was taken off of baby formula and given baby food at 6 months old
  • First Steps (Biosocial)

    Took my first steps at 10 months old
  • Talking (Cognitive)

    I began to speak actual sentances at around 12 months old
  • First Meal

    Was given my first actual meal at the age of 1
  • Toliet Training (Psychosocial)

    I was poddy trained within a week so I could be able to go to ballet class at the age of 2
  • FIrst Ballet Class (psychosocial)

    Took my first ballet class at the age of 2 at Noretta Dunworth School of Dance.
  • Chicken Pox (biosocial)

  • Pre-school (psychosocial)

    Went to school for the first time at the age of 3 at Montessori
  • Reading (cognitive)

    Read my first book, which was Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
  • Period: to

    Elementary and Jr. High School

    Attended Divine Child from 1st-8th grade for my elementary and jr. high school
  • Elementary School (psychosocial)

    Began elementary school at Divine Child
  • First Dance Solo (psychosocial)

    Performed by myself for the first time on stage to my jazz dance solo "yellow polka dot bikini
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics (psychosocial)

    Began rhythmic gymnastics at the Sports Club of Novi as a level 5
  • First Communion (psychosocial)

    Had my First Communion at Divine Child Church
  • Horse back ridding (psychosocial)

    Learned how to ride a horse for the first time
  • Death of my best friend, my grandpa

  • Junior Olympics (psychosocial)

    Went to the Jr. Olympics for rhythmic gymnastics where I recieved 10th place overall.
  • Varisty Cheerleading (psychosocial)

    Made varsity cheer as a freshman at Northville High School
  • Confirmation (psychosocial)

    Had my holy confirmation at Divine Child Church
  • Puberty (biosocial)

  • Period: to

    High School

    Attended Northville High School for four years for my high school education
  • Driver's License (psychosocial)

    Got my driver's license
  • Sweet 16 (psychosocial)

    Had a big party at Gennetti's Hole in the wall with the theme of Candy Land.
  • First Kiss (psychosocial)

    Recieved my first kiss by my crush
  • First Boyfriend (psychosocial)

    Dated my first boyfriend in high school
  • Graduation (psychosocial)

    Graduated from NHS
  • Period: to

    Nursing School

    Attending the University of Detroit Mercy's McAuley School of Nursing for this time
  • First Love (psychosocial)

    Feel in love for the first time with my college boyfriend
  • Glasses (biosocial)

    Had to get glasses to be able to see the board in school and driving at night
  • Victoria's Secret PINK (1st job) (psychosocial)

    Got my first job at 12 oaks mall at the VS PINK store
  • Graduation from Nursing School (psychosocial)

  • Passed the NCLEX (psychosocial)

  • First Nursing Job (psychosocial)

    Got offered a RN posistion on the cancer unit at Children's Hospital
  • Accepted into nurse practitioner school (psychosocial)

    Accepted into nurse practitioner program at Detroit Mercy
  • Master's Degree for NP (psychosocial)

    Earned my Master's Degree for NP
  • First Job as a Nurse Practitioner (psychosocial)

    Offered a position at Children's Hospital as a NP
  • First House (psychosocial)

  • Wedding Day (psychosocial)

    I married the man of my dreams at the Dearborn Inn on a beautiful fall day
  • Period: to

    Pregnant (biosocial)

  • Birth of Twins (biosocial)

    Twin brother and sister were born at 6:34 a.m.
  • Twins go to pre-school

  • Doctoriate in Nurse Practitioner (psychosocial)

    Went back to get my doctorial degree in NP at UDM
  • Send twins off to first grade

  • Father's Death (psychosocial)

    He died peacefully of old age
  • Mother's Death (psychosocial)

    She died peacefully of old age
  • Menopause (biosocial)

  • Retirement (psychocosocial)

    I retired from being a Nurse Practioner at Children's Hospital Detroit
  • My Death

    I died peacefully of old age