By squinn
  • Born

    Prenatal Development and Birth
  • Sit Unsupported

    First Two Years: Bisocial
  • Stranger Wariness

    First Two Years: Psychosocial
  • Secure Attachment

    First Two Years: Psychosocial
  • Walked well for the first time

    First two years: Bisocial
  • First Words

    First Two Years: Cognitive
  • Begin Using Instrumental/Reactive agresion with twin brother

  • Run for pleasure (No falling)

    Play Years: Bisocial
  • Begin Learning Vocab/Grammar

    Play Years: Cognitive
  • Kick and throw ball (well)

    Play Years: Bisocial
  • Begin Theory-Theory (construct theories)

    Play Years: Cognitive
  • Played Flashlight Tag with neighbors

    School Years: Biosocial
  • Soccer Becomes main physical activity (Rec League)

    School Years: Bisocial
  • Greater Knowledge- Through school and Pokemon card game

    School Years:Cogntive
  • Greater Speed- Moved up to Select in soccer

    School Years: Cognitvie
  • Puberty begins

    Adolesence: Bisocial
  • Approx. age when my facial hir begins to show

    Adolesence: Bisocial
  • Begin middle school 2004

    Adolesence: Cognitive
  • Begin to Value school grades

    School Years: Psychosocial
  • Zach and Raj become my friends

    School Years: Psychosocial
  • sex education

    Adolesence: cognitive
  • Bickering in the home peaks (4 kids)

    Adolesence: psychosocial
  • Most important cliques/crowds formed

    Adolesence: psychosocial
  • High School Starts

  • Choosing close friends stage (Mel)

    Emerging Adulthood: psychosocial
  • Romance: dating becomes more important

    Emerging Adulthood: psychosocial
  • Subjective thought becomes important

    Emerging Adulthood: cognitive
  • Choosing close friends (Zach and Raj)

    Emerging Adulthood: psychosocial
  • Appearance becomes more important

    Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial
  • Max height (6') reached

    Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial
  • College beings

    Emerging Adulthood: cognitive
  • Begin to exercise less (including soccer)

    Adulthood: Bisocial- As i get older, I will begin to excersise less as my body ages and can't handle it. This includes not playing soccer which i have been playing my whole life.
  • Marriage

    Adulthood: psychosocial
  • First Child

    Adulthood: psychosocial
  • Period: to

    Possible midlife crisis begins

    Adulthood: psychosocial
  • Difficulty with eye sight begins

    My parents began to have difficulty with their eye sight around 40, so I probably will too
  • Begin balding

    Because of genetics, I believe that I will begin to bald somewhere in my fourty or fiftys.
  • Near death experience

    A near death experience may occur once in my life. I expect it will occur during my older adult years.
  • Empty nest

    Adulthood: psychosocial. My children will leave the home
  • Possible midlife crisis begins

    Adulthood: psychosocial
  • Become a grandfather

  • Decide to Retire

    Late adulthood-Psychosocial
  • Verbal memory begins to fade

    Adulthood: cognitive
  • Possible Alzehiemers

    (late adulthood-Cognitive) My grandfather has alzheimers so i expect there is a chance i develop the disease.
  • Start attending to needs of dying

    I will begin to accept that death is coming and begin prepare for it. I will look into things such as a living will and making sure my family is supported after my death.
  • Terminal decline

    (death and dying/late adulthood-cognitive) The days or weeks before my death, my health and sense will begin to rapidly decline.
  • Expected Death

    According to the life expectancy calculator, my esitimated deth will be when I am 90 years old.