Shalita Love

  • The birth of Shalita Nicole "Nikki" Windom

    5lbs/6oz-19 inches. Full term. 18 hours of labor. Discovery of this miracle at 8 weeks after conception. Vaginal delivery. No meds during labor. On target for pregnacy development.
  • First 2 years

    First words at 9 months (babbling: da, da, da, da), Walked at 11 months. Tiny little thing. Enjoyed green beans, sweet potatoes. Did not like liver baby food. Stayed at the low end of the normal weight.
  • Cognitive Aspect of the first 2 years

    Had one older sibling ( a brother) did not have to share anything toys, food, etc.. Friendly socially. Went to day care at 2 years old stayed at home with mom until then.
  • Psychosocial Development for the first 2 years

    Doll attachment. At 11/2 was starting potty training. My physcical attachment depended on who was around. Enjoyed going to day care. Stayed with my mother mostly. Was not a emotional unbalanced child (not a cry baby)
  • Period: to

    Early Childhood of Shalita

    Let the schooling and developing begin.
  • Biosocial events

    Still stayed at the lower end of the normal weight. Not a picky eater. Always grabbed things with right hand. Enhanced learning by watching older sibling.
  • Cognitive

    Started learning Spanish from Seasme Street and kindergarten teacher Ms. Hill around 5 years old.
  • Psychosocial:

    Psychosocial: Family oreinted playmates ( brother and cousins. Youngest in the family. Parents spanked my hands and buttom when I did something wrong.
  • Period: to

    Middle Childhood

  • Middle Childhood: Biosocial

    Biosocial: Learned to play the violin. Jump roping had my attention. Hop scotch was a game that I played in the driveway. Growth was steady and on target. Sports did not interest me. Dance in a group of young girls in the neighborhood.
  • Middle Childhood: Cognitive

    Learned by practicing and observing peers, sbiling, and family members. Played school teacher for fun.
  • Middle Childhood: Psychosocial

    Had no self-esteem issues. Nuclear type of family environment. I was quiet and to myself. Made friends easily. Moral and values were developed by parental guidance. Joined the church choir.