senior grad trip with best friend

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    Senior Grad Trip

    Save about a little over 1,000 for a senior graduation trip with my best friend. Saving bettween both of us, but would like a little more spending money as well, i am willing to save half of my allowance.
  • Save half of allowance

    Save half of allowance
    my allowance is $10.00 and if i save half which would be $5.00 at a time. Save everyother friday. alternate saving for colege and for the trip.
  • save 1/4 of birthday money

    save 1/4 of birthday money
  • Save half of money from Christmas

    Save half of money from Christmas
    save half of the oney i receive from christmas.
  • do extra stuff around the house

    to save any money at get at any point
  • Bake Sale

    Bake Sale
    hold a bake sale in a place like walgreens or foodlion, with my friend so that we both hve extrs spending money