See ya simon

See Ya Simon

  • Chapter 1

  • Chapter 2

    Chapter two tells us about Simon’s MD and what is wrong with him and the effects. There is al so mention of how rumours went around that Simon had aids.
  • Chapter 3

    In Chapter 3 We hear about Nathan’s parents problem’s.
  • Chapter 5

    In this chapter Simon complains as he has not had a good's night's sleep as he has to be turned every several hours. After that the brakes on Simon’s new wheel chair play up and cuss him to get stuck in the wall. He gets teased by the teacher then when he goes in to class cusses a fuss with Brady west, As this happened Brady when to retaliate till he saw it was Simon.
  • Chapter 4

    In chapter 4 we here about how Simon's parents are very cling over him
  • Chapter 16

    In this chapter see a lot of Nathans and Simons emotions coming out about the issues in their lives.
  • Chapter 17

    On Friday Simon’s doctor called and said that he wanted him to go back in to try a new medicine. While in there he gets worst and does not get any better, it had been getting harder for him to sit up and he was slumping. Simon’s dad rang Nathan to tell him that Simon was getting worst.
  • Chapter 18

    After having to go back to hospital Simon did not recover like very one expected him to and he later died. You see a lot of Nathans emotions throw out this chapter he show sadness and anger but remorse as well.