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Scramble For Africa

By Willert
  • France vs. Prussia

    France vs. Prussia
    During the Scramble for Africa, both France and Prussia both wanted the land in western Africa. In order to determine who got this land, the two countries fought in a war. In the end, France got defeated and Prussia took over the land
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    Scramble For Africa

  • Start of Scramble for Africa

    Start of Scramble for Africa
    The Scramble of Africa was started by King Leopoldo ll of Belgium. When he found out that there were mineral reports in The Congo Basin, he wanted to acquire this land to get these minerals. Then, after he went to Africa to acquire this land, other countries followed and started to move over to Africa as well. This began the Scramble for Africa.
  • Britain Acquires South Africa

    Britain Acquires South Africa
    The Britons acquired the land of South Africa because this was a major trade route to India from this land.
  • British Acquires Eastern Coastline of Africa

    British Acquires Eastern Coastline of Africa
    After the Britons acquired the land of South Africa, they eventually started making their way east. They made their way all the way to the east coast which allowed them to have an even bigger area for trade routes to India and the rest of the Mediterranean.
  • Britain Acquires North Africa

    Britain Acquires North Africa
    Later, after the Britons acquired the eastern coastline of Africa, they started moving north. They did this because they were informed that there had been gold and silver found in these land regions. Therefore, Britain made their way north and took over the lands of Egypt and Sudan.
  • Berlin Conference

    Berlin Conference
    When the countries of Europe began to travel and move to the lands of Africa, the Berlin Conference was held. This meeting, between the European countries, was held to divide the territories in Africa evenly among the European countries.
  • British vs. Boers

    British vs. Boers
    When the British got to the Cape(South Africa) they found that the Boers were there first. But the British wanted this land so they fought in a war against them. The British won this war and took over the land.
  • Fashoda Crisis

    Fashoda Crisis
    In 1898, Britain and France got into a disagreement over land. They both thought that they owned the land of Fashoda. The two countries argued and were going to go to war. Before they did, they had agreement of who got what land, called the Anglo-French Agreement. This agreement stated that France got the land of Fashoda and Morocco and Britain got the land of Egypt and Sudan.
  • British vs. Boers #2

    British vs. Boers #2
    After the British defeated the Boers in the 1895 war for the land of the Cape, Boers came back to try to regain their land again. Therefore, in 1899, the Boers came to the Cape and fought the British for the land. This war lasted three years and eventually, the British own again and remained the owner of South Africa.
  • France Thinks About Moving

    France Thinks About Moving
    After getting defeated in the battle against Prussia, the France were still interested in acquiring land in Africa. When they were defeated, French politicians wanted to move east towards the country of Senegal and south toward Algeria and Tunisia. After discussing, they never came to an agreement of whether to move or not.