Schoolcraft Psych 229 Timeline Final Project - CPianin

By cpianin
  • I am conceived

  • Period: to

    Prenatal Development and Birth

  • I am born (Biosocial)

    Royal Oak, MI
    I am my parent's first and only child
    I was born with Jaundice
  • Period: to

    The First Two Years

  • Brit Milah or Bris (Psychosocial)

    A jewish religious circumcision ceremony which is performed on the 8th day of life.
  • First words (Cognitive)

    Mama was my first word.
  • Period: to

    Early Childhood

  • Meet my best childhood friend (Psychosocial)

  • Started Pee-Wee Soccer (Biosocial)

  • Started Preschool (Cognitive)

  • Started Gymnastics (Biosocial)

  • Started Speech Therapy (Cognitive)

    I slurred my S's and had problems with my TH's and R's.
  • Knocked out Front Teeth (Biosocial)

  • Learned to ride a Bicycle (Biosocial)

  • Period: to

    MIddle Childhood

  • Divorce (Psychosocial)

    My parnets get divorced
  • Started Karate Lessons (Biosocial)

  • Started Little League Baseball (Biosocial)

  • Shooting (Psychosocial)

    The car I was in was shot at from a home along the road. The bullet missed my head by mere inches.
  • Change Elementary Schools for 4th Grade (Cognitive & Psychosocial)

    I asked my parents to no longer attend Private School and instead attend the neighborhood public school where all of my neighborhood friends went.
  • Father moved (Psychosocial)

    My father moved from a condo to his first post-divorce home. He lived within 15 miles of me
  • Best Friend Moves (Psychosocial)

    One of my best friends at the time moves to Atlanta
  • Attended Space Camp (Cognitive)

    Hunstville, Alabama
  • Met Current Best Friends (Psychosocial)

    In 6th grade I met my current best friends to this day
  • Period: to


  • Father Moved (Psychosocial)

    He moved into an adjoining neighborhood to where I lived with my Mother.
  • Started Middle School (Cognitive)

  • Bar MItzvah (Psychosocial)

    A major religious milestone in the Jewish religion. When a boy is considered reaching adulthood.
  • Smokey the cat (Psychosocial)

    We adopted my one and only childhood pet
  • First Job (Cognitive)

    Delivered newspapers
  • High School Marching Band

    2 Years of marching band. I played the Quads
  • High School Track (Biosocial)

    I ran sprint and mid-distance.
  • Best friend's Sister is Killed (Psychosocial)

    My bets friends sister is killed in a car crash. She was only 19.
  • Second job (Cognitive)

    Expeditor/Busser at Buddy's Pizza
  • Received my driver's liscense and first car (psychosocial)

  • Paternal Grandfather Dies (Psychosocial)

  • High School Football (Biosocial)

    I played Defensive Back
  • Second HIgh School Job (Cognitive)

    Acme Partyworks - Inflatable Games. I continued this job throughout college in the summers.
  • Percussion Group is National Champion (Cognitive)

  • Father Moved (Psychosocial)

    Moved within 5 miles from my Mothers home where I lived
  • Graduate from High School (Cognitive)

  • Started College at Michigan State University (Cognitive)

  • Meet my future wife at college (Psychosocial)

  • Receive Acceptance Letter for MSU (Psychosocial)

  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

  • Good friend dies in auto accident (Psychosocial)

  • Smokey the Cat Dies (Psychosocial)

  • Study Abroad Program (Cognitive)

    Sydney Australia - 4 months
  • Graduate from Michgan State University (Cognitive)

  • First post-college job (Cognitive)

    Sales Representative with Edy's Ice Cream
  • Travel around Eurpoe (Cognitive & Psychosocial)

    3 months of travel with my best friend
  • Maternal Grandfather Dies (Psychosocial)

  • My future wife and I move in together (Psychosocial)

    We live in a apartment
  • Period: to


  • Purchase our first home (Psychosocial)

  • Uncle Dies (Psychosocial)

  • I get married (Psychosocial)

    I am married to my beautiful wife.
  • Complete Certified Pedorthist Schooling (Cognitive)

  • Pass Pedoethist Certification Exam (Cognitive)

  • My first child is born (Psychosocial)

    Eli Paul Pianin
  • My second child is born (Psychosocial)

    Benjamin Frank Pianin
  • Start classes at Schoolcraft College (Cognitive)

    I begin pre-req classes for entry into Physician Assistant school
  • Receive a 4.0 in Psych 229 at Schoolcraft!

  • Accepted into PA School at U of D Mercy (cognitive/Psychosocial)

  • Graduate from U of D Mercy with PA Masters Degree (Cognitive/Psychosocial)

  • Start first job as a Physician Assistant in Emergency Medicine (cognitive)

  • I run my first Marathon (Biosocial)

  • Father Passes Away (Psychsocial)

  • I have knee replacement surgery (Biosocial)

  • Son - Eli graduates from High School (Psychosocial)

  • Father-in-Law Passes Away (Psychosocial)

  • Son - Benjamin Graduates from High School (Psychosocial)

  • Son - Eli graduates from College (Psychosocial)

  • Son - Benjamin Graduates from College (psychosocial)

  • Wife retires from her job (Psychosocial)

  • Mother Passes Away (Psychosocial)

  • Son - Eli graduates from Graduate School (Psychosocial)

  • My wife retires from working (Psychosocial)

  • Stepmother Passes Away (Psychosocial)

  • Son - Eli gets Married (Psychosocial)

  • Mother-in-Law Passes Away (psychosocial)

  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

  • 1st Grandchild (Psychosocial)

    From son Eli
  • Son - Ben gets married (Psychosocial)

  • 2nd Grandchild (psychosocial)

    From son Eli
  • 3rd Grandchild (psychosocial)

    from son Ben
  • I retire from Working (Cognitive/Psychosocial)

  • Sell house (psychosocial)

    Move into a smaller home/condo for later years of life but stay in Michigan.
  • I am diagnosed with cancer (biosocial)

    Eventually goes into remission after treatment.
  • Son Eli gets divorced (psychosocial)

  • Son Eli gets remarried (psychosocial)

  • I have a stroke (biosocial)

  • My death (biosocial)

  • 1st Grandchild gets married (Psychosocial)

  • My wife's death (biosocial)