School Age Milestone

  • I'm 6 Years Old !

    I'm 6  Years Old !
    Today i see my body forming a little more and i have a little bit of muscle on my arms !
  • My Emotions Are Taking Over ):

    Today i was at the park and i got sad because the other kids there did not want to play with me .
  • My Brain Is Developing !

    I learned how to read books YAYYYY!
  • I Learned Something New!

    I know my right from my left hand.
  • I'm 7 Years Old!

    I'm 7 Years Old!
    I learned how to jump rope and ride a bike !!
  • I'm 7 Years Old!

    I'm 7 Years Old!
    I learned how to jump rope and ride a bicycle !!
  • Mom Is Going To Kill Me ..

    I broke moms vase while i was playing volleyball inside.. I'm so scared and sad.. she's going to get mad at me .
  • My Brain Continues To Develop !

    I know how to count time, i know how to count days, how many days of the week there are, how many months, and i know the seasons we have !
  • I Made A New Friend

    I met a boy at recess today, we became friends . He is so nice !
  • I'm 8 Years Old !

    I'm 8 Years Old !
    I lost 3 baby teeth already ! The tooth fairy has to come visit !
  • Group Work

    Group Work
    In class today, we had to share our crayons with each other while we colored. I thought it was a nice thing to do.
  • My New Hobby

    I started a collection of rocks !
  • I Know Multiplication !

    I know how to count by 2's !
  • I'm 9 Years Old !

    I'm 9 Years Old !
    I joined my school's Volleyball team !
  • Will I Get Laughed At? :/

    My body is changing and it's looking really different. I am afraid the kids at school will laugh at me .
  • Cleaning My Room

    I organized and cleaned my room today all by myself !
  • I Got Ready For School Today

    My mom let me do my own hair for school today. I feel pretty .
  • I'm 10 Years Old !

    I'm 10 Years Old !
    I seem to be growing taller than my cousin Joel !
  • I Have A Best Friend !

    My best friend's name is Lucy. She makes me really happy. I love playing dolls with her .
  • I Don't Like Talking To Many People

    I'm starting to get really shy and afraid to speak in front of new people.
  • I Like Chapter Books !

    I Like Chapter Books !
    I started reading a new book with plenty of chapters in it ! I love reading!
  • I'm 11 Years Old !

    I'm 11 Years Old !
    I started my first menstrual period today .
  • I Have A Crush ! <3

    This guy named James from my English class is really cute and nice !
  • I Need Some Space

    Today i got frustrated with my cousin and i told him to leave me by myself so i can have think and be alone
  • I Love To Write!

    I wrote a story today in language arts , it came out so nice !
  • I'm 12 Years Old !

    I'm 12 Years Old !
    I went bra shopping with my mom today because my breasts are growing ! I'm also getting acne :(
  • He Doesn't Like Me :(

    Today i cried when i got home from school because my crush doesn't like me back.
  • I Went To The Movies !

    I Went To The Movies !
    I went to the movies today with a couple of friends. That was so fun !
  • Another New Hobby !

    I learned how to sing today ! I love it.