Sarah Abramav's Immigration Journey

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  • Finding loved ones at Ellis Island

    Finding loved ones at Ellis Island
    [Citation](www:// stepped off the boat, breathed in the smells of my new surroundings, and saw the clear blue sky and smelled the fresh salt from the ocean. We went through long lines and very boring work. I finally finished and became an American citizen, I walk out , and who do I see, but my brother and betrothed husband. I screamed gleefully and ran to them, and hugged and kissed them with joy. I was then told that they already got me a job making clothes to earn a good wage and a good home.
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    A jewish immigrant's story of coming from Isreal to the United States.
  • Free land

    Free land
    After a month of hard work, I finally have enough money for my husband and I to take a train to the west, my brother promised to write. He hasn't yet, and it's starting to make me nervous. Later today, I will race for my land, but as I was hanging my clothes on the line this morning, and somebody kept taking them off, in the end, they took one article of clothing. By golly, my neighbors are desperate. The homestead act was put into place after we had raced for our land, thank goodness.
  • Starting a temple

    Starting a temple
    Today is my birthday, and I have finally finished building my temple, and have a few Jews from our area have already joined, I'm very greatful for my freedom. Now I have my own Missionary community, where many people are interested with helping people and teaching our culture. At first, I thought it was fun, until people came and threatned to kill us and burn the temple. People are very racists here.
  • Pickpockets

    Today I was walking into town, to sell my hard earned food for money, on my way into town, and when I wasn't looking, somebody took my vegetables! ugh how outragous! Then on my way back, someone threatned to kill me unless I gave them my money, and they took it! Then I came back to find my clothes missing! sheesh, desperate people. Just get a job, it's better to have something than nothing. My life is just full of them. Being the richest person in our area is hard, since people want your money.
  • Faith

    After many months of hard work, my temple is finally done. I have gathered many people from our community who want to help people and keep or faith. The only bad thing about this is that many people who are not Jewish, are being very prejudice and sexist towards me and my people. This world is being very injust towards us, who would've thought! I should've stayed in Isreal, momma was right. Now that i'm here, i'm safe and shouldn't go back to that tyranny.
  • Bandits and Banditos

    Bandits and Banditos
    As I have been walking to and from my barn this past week, i've found bandits and banditos from Mexico hiding in my hay loft. I screamed so badly! When I went into town, they hurt my husband, and ran off with my best china. never trust illegals. We came back from the doctor, and they threatned to kill us if we didn't give them everything, so I ran off for the shariff, and I could hear murderous screams and gunshots in the distance. To this day, I will be haunted forever. Never feed illegals.