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  • Aug 13, 1570


    referanceSammy de Champlain was open to first air this day. He was born in Brouage in France.Born into a family of mariners, Champlain, while still a young man, began exploring North America in 1603 under the guidance of François Gravé Du Pont,[3][4] From 1604 to 1607 Champlain participated in the exploration and settlement of the first permanent European settlement north of Florida
  • Spain

    link1594-1598 was war for France and Spain Sammy was for France and went to fight he did not die
  • LAND!!!!:):)

    hiIn 1598, his uncle-in-law, a navigator whose ship Saint-Julien was chartered to transport Spanish troops to Cadiz pursuant to the Treaty of Vervins, gave Champlain the opportunity to accompany him. After a difficult passage, he spent some time in Cadiz before his uncle, whose ship was then chartered to accompany a large Spanish fleet to the West Indies, again offered him a place on the ship. His uncle, who gave command of the ship to Jeronimo de Vallebrera, instructed the young Champlain to watc
  • Establishes St. Croix with de Monts

    Establishes St. Croix with de Monts
    hiThe island was inhabited by various indigenous groups during prehistory. Christopher Columbus landed forces on the island on November 14, 1493 and was attacked by the Kalinago, who lived at Salt River on the north shore. Control of the island was traded among various powers, including Spain, Netherlands, Knights of Malta, and Great Britain before it became a possession of France from 1650 until 1733. On June 13, 1733, France sold the island group to the Danish West India Company.
  • What's Quebec??????

    What's Quebec??????
    In the spring of 1608, Dugua wanted Champlain to start a new French colony on the shores of the St. Lawrence. Dugua equipped, at his own expense, a fleet of three ships with workers, that left the French port of Honfleur. The main ship, called the Don-de-Dieu (the Gift of God), was commanded by Champlain. Another ship, the Lévrier (the Hunt Dog), was commanded by his friend Du Pont. The small group of male settlers arrived at Tadoussac on the lower St. Lawrence in June. Because of the dangerous
  • Marries Helene Boullee in Paris

    Marries Helene Boullee in Paris
    One route Champlain may have chosen to improve his access to the court of the regent was his decision to enter into marriage with the twelve-year-old Hélène Boullé. She was the daughter of Nicolas Boullé, a man charged with carrying out royal decisions at court. The marriage contract was signed on December 27, 1610 in presence of Dugua, who had dealt with the father (a Protestant like him), and the couple was married three days later. The terms of the contract called for the marriage to be consu

    t’s 1613 and French explorer Samuel de Champlain is searching for a passage to the Orient using the Ottawa River as his highway to the interior. After leaving Montreal, he wrote in his journal (The Voyages and Explorations of Samuel de Champlain, (1604-1613) Narrated by Himself, Vol. II): “On the fourth day we passed near another river which comes from the north [Gatineau], where some tribes named Algoumequin [Algonquin] lived. It is not wide, but filled with a vast number of rapids, which are v
  • canoes not again

    canoes not again
    Champlain started his journey down the eastern
    shore of Georgian Bay from the mouth of the French
    River. Picking a precise departure point in this
    vicinity is more difficult than it might first seem (Fig.
    3): the area is a labyrinth of islands and channels
    covering an area of some 250 km²
    . There are four
    principal channels with numerous outlets spread
    along a 20 km front on Georgian Bay. The most direct
    route to Huronia is through the eastern-most
    channels. In this case, the other cha

    The english took the liberty of controlling Quebec for a times

    Quebe once again surendered to the french

    In 1603, while surveying the Saint-Lawrence River, Samuel de Champlain recommended establishing a permanent settlement in the area, which was finally done on July 4, 1634, by the Sieur of Laviolette. Additional inhabitants of the original city of Trois-Rivières include: Quentin Moral, Sieur de St. Quentin; Pierre Boucher, Jacques Le Neuf, Jean Godefroy de Lintot, Michel Le Neuf du Hérisson, François Hertel, François Marguerie, René Robineau, and Jean Sauvaget.[9] The city was the second to be fo
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