Safavid Empire

  • Period: Jan 1, 1501 to

    Reign of Power

    The Safavids lasted over 220 years
  • Period: Nov 4, 1550 to

    Econemy Advances

    Because of the Safavids location in the world, It had some major benefits. The silk road ran right through them producing large income for the state and product for the people.
  • Period: Nov 4, 1565 to

    Artist Reza Abbasi

    He brings life to art in the Safavid Empire. He was a one of a kind artist at the time and he used different concepts such as nude women, youth and lovers to start the advancement for art and innovation in the Safavid Empire.
  • Period: to

    Shah Abbas's Reign

    Shah Abbas was the Safavid Empires great ruler who helped them advance in military, economics and the arts.