S.M.A.R.T Goals

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  • The Goal to Begin a College Life

    The Goal to Begin a College Life
    My Smart Goal is to start college withing a year from Coloma Highschool
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  • Save up enough money

    Save up enough money
    I will need to focus on saving enough money to support my self financially and be able to stand on my own feet before taking on my next step.
  • Highschool Graduation

    Highschool Graduation
    The day we, as a class, graduate and move onto a real life and work it from there.
  • Begin to work harder

    Begin to work harder
    school is over now its time to work harder to work your way up in order to prepare yourself more.
  • Enroll to LMC

    Enroll to LMC
    By July i will be getting ready to start college in LMC until i start in the Fall