Rise of Civilization_Bradt

  • 522

    King Darius of Persia developes common set of weights, mesurements, and coins.

    King Darius set up the set of weights, mesurements, and coins when he ruled during 522 BCE and 486 BCE.
  • Sep 16, 612

    Babylon flourishes under King Nebuchadnezzar

    BCE He rebuild the canals, temples, walls, and palaces of Babylon.
  • Sep 16, 1000

    New Stone Age Begins.

    The new stone age began right after the old stone age ended in 10,000 BCE. Also regered to as the "Neolithic Era"
  • Sep 16, 1000

    Kingdom of Isreal established.

    Established in 1000 BCE. The Isrealites set up a kingdom and David united the fueding tribes into a single nation.
  • Sep 16, 1200

    Regular use of bronze in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

    (BCE) this occured during the iron age and the iron age lasted until 500 BCE
  • Sep 15, 1400

    Hitties develop iron.

    (BCE) They heated iron ore and pounded out impurities before putting it into cold water.
  • Sep 15, 1500


    "Carriers of Civilization" They gave us the alphabet. Lasted from 1500 BCE to 300 BCE.
  • First written laws, Code of Hammurabi.

    BCE hammurabi brought much of Mesopotamia under his control. The code of Hammurabi included criminal law and civil law. He had specific punishments for specific offences.
  • Babylonian Empire

    Start of Babylonian Empire. (BCE)
  • Old Stone Age Begins.

    The old stone age (paleolithic) began around 2 million bce and ended around 10,000 bce.
  • Babylonian Empire

    End of Babylonian Empire (BCE)
  • Persian armies commanded by Cyrus the Great capture Babylon.

    (BCE) The thick walls built failed to hold back the armies and they went on to conqure the largest empire.
  • Sargon of Akkad builds first known empire.

    Akkad built the first empire in 2300 bce. he invaded and conquered the city state of Sumer.
  • Egyptians build first pyramid.

    This happened during the Old Kingdom. It was a step pyramid for King Djoser. 2630 BCE - 2611 BCE.
  • Printing invented.

    Printing was invented before 3000 BCE. In China they would "print" on cloth and in other places they would use stamps.
  • Upper and Lower Egypt united by King Menes.

    BCE. He used the Nile river as a highway linking the Upper and Lower together.
  • Cuniform Writing Begins.

    Involves a reed pen to make wedge shaped marks on clay tablets. Started by the Sumarians. (BCE)
  • Sumerian cities begin to emerge in Southern Mesopotamia.

    (BCE) They had very little resources and used clay bricks to build. This helped other people build as well.