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Rise and Fall of Napoleon. (Damian Weaver 4B)

  • Napoleon is Born

    Napoleon is Born
    Napoleon was Born on August 15, 1769 in Corisca.
  • Period: to

    Rise of Napoleon

  • Napoleon becomes lieutenant in the army.

    Napoleon becomes lieutenant in the army.
    Napoleon gradutes from Ecole Militaire with the rank of second lieutenant in the artillery. This was his erntry into the army and be the stepping stone into a new era and a position which would make Napoleon one of the most integral persons Franca's history
  • Hation Revolution

    Hation Revolution
    Haiti had multiple slave rebillions and uprising which caused an independent nation and abolished slavery.The Haitian Revolution greatly infeluenced other nations to have slave revolts such as United States agaisnt Britin
  • Becomes captin of the French Army

    Becomes captin of the French Army
  • Appointment

    Becomes brigadier general at age 24.
  • Becoming Commander

    Becoming Commander
    Napoleon becomes commander of the French Armies in Italy. There Napoleon won many battles. Napoleon defeated the armies of the Papal States and their Austrian allies. These victories gave France the control of Northern Italy.
  • Empreror

    In Paris, Napoleon took part in coup d'etat that overthrew the Dircetory and set up a new government the consulate. In 1804, he crowned himself Emperor Napoleon I.
  • The Latin American Revolutions

    The Latin American Revolutions
    There were three Latin American revolutions for independence in the 1800's.The South American teritories wanted independnce from their European colonial powers.This led to various rebellions and demands for their say in their countries affairs.
  • Downfall

    Nationalism was one of the most important reasons of Napoleon;s downfall. First, the conquered people united in their hatred of the invaders. Second, the counquered people saw the power of national feeling. Napoleon's downfall started in 1812 when he decided to invade Russia.
  • Exile

    Napoleon launched an invasion against the Russians that eventually ended with his troops retreating from Moscow and much of Europe uniting against him. In 1814, Napoleon's forces gave up and Napoleon offered to step down. When this offer was rejected, and was sent to Elba, his wife and son take refuge in Vienna
  • Napoleons Return

    Napoleons Return
    March 20th, Napoleon entered France in Triumph after escaping from island Elba. He got an army together to fight all the opposition. At Waterloo in Belgium, Napoleon met a combined British and Prussian army under the Duke of Wellington and suffered a bloody defeat. He was then exiled to a small island south of the Atlantic. He remained there untill his death.
  • Death

    He dead..