• Period: Nov 9, 750 to Nov 9, 1258

    Abbassid Empire

  • Nov 9, 1037

    Ibn Sina Dies

    Medicine Man
  • Period: Nov 9, 1055 to Nov 9, 1258


    They were Turks that came from the north and didn't have any experince ruling Muslims so
    The Book of Governments was written by persian dude
  • Nov 9, 1071

    Manzikart, Battle of

    Saljuqs fighting Byzantium in Anatolia for expansion into Asia Minor (Turkish territory)
    Lead to strengthening of former Abbasid empire, rekindled Arab unity
  • Nov 9, 1095

    Pope Urban

    Preaches to liberate Jerusalem from Moslems.
  • Period: Nov 9, 1096 to Nov 9, 1099

    1st Crusade

    -Slaying for God's love and and remission of past sins.
    -All European Catholics
  • Nov 9, 1099

    Crusaders took Jerusalme

  • Nov 9, 1111

    Al-Ghazzali Dies

    Sunni Theologist
  • Period: Nov 9, 1147 to Nov 9, 1149

    2nd Crusade

    Retake Edessa that was taken by moslems in 1144
  • Period: Nov 9, 1171 to Nov 9, 1250

    Salah Al-Din creates Ayyubid Dynasty (named after daddy)

    Sunni Revival over Fatimids in Cairo all the way up to Syria +Jer.
    Kurdish military commander
    Called for Jihad after death of Caliph and united "enough" soldiers
    Didn't kill everyone as long as they paid a small tax
  • Nov 9, 1187

    Salah Al-Din Retakes Jerusalem

  • Period: Nov 9, 1189 to Nov 9, 1192

    3rd Crusade

    Tries to take back Jerusalem
    Negotiated peace treaty
    All was left was a piece of costal land
  • Nov 9, 1198

    Ibn Rushd Dies

    Muslim Philosopher
    Incoherance of Incoherance
    Only Moslem in the painting shown in class with all the philosophers and this shows his influence in the Christian world
  • Nov 9, 1206

    Chinggis Khan leads troops

    12,000 men
  • Nov 9, 1221

    Khwarizmshah Invasion by Mongols

    1st ME invasion by mongols
  • Nov 9, 1224

    Khurasan Taken my Mongols

  • Nov 9, 1227

    Chinggis Khan dies

    not without leaving behind Decimal system or pyramid of power
  • Period: Nov 9, 1242 to Nov 9, 1258

    Al Musta'sim (LAst Abbassid Caliph)

    He is a Jerk
  • Period: Nov 9, 1256 to Nov 9, 1336


    Muslims were pissed because they were being treated as equal to Christians and Jews.
  • Ibn Hanbal Dies

    Opposed to Mutazili theology
  • AL Farab dies

    Translated Aristotle
  • Al Dinawari Dies

    Plant and Agricultural Scientist
  • New Capital Samarra

    Moved from Baghdad
  • Ahmed ibn Tulun Dies

  • Period: to

    4th civil war

    This takes place during the Abbasid dynasty between the two brothers Amin and Ma’mun, both of which are sons of Harun al-Rashid. It was started because Amin is selfish and ends with Ma’mun coming to power. The main part to take away is that it shows the weakness of succession with Islamic rulers and gets Ma’mun’s reign off to a shaky start. Also called the “War of Succession”
  • Period: to


    the two brothers Amin and Ma’mun, both of which are sons of Harun al-Rashid. Harun makes a document about his choice for succession that says Amin, who is part Arab, is a slave to his passions, while Ma’mun deserves nothing but praise. But, the obvious choice is Amin, because of affirmative action, and so the family travels to Mecca in 802 and the Ka’ba where Amin agrees to accept the Caliphate on the terms that he will pass it to Ma’mun upon his death. He is a sneaky little shit though and w
  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    Tahrid Dynasty

  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    Caliph Al Mu'tasim

    Doesn't care about Minha
    Only cared about being political leader
    but this was a bad because you lost legitmacy
  • Period: to


    Military slaves under Mutazim, Killed 4 Caliphs
  • Period: to

    Zanj Rebellion

    Agro Slaves, last time that happens
    Southern Iraq swamp lands
    Showed fragmentation of Abbassid rule
  • Period: to


    Another smaller dynasty that came up during fragmentation
  • Period: to

    Tahirids (Khurasan)

  • Period: to

    Saffarids (Khurasan)

  • Period: to


    Residual of Zorostrianism
  • Period: to Nov 9, 1055


  • Period: to


    means “the ordeal” or the “inquistition” and was a test given to 45 scholars basically trying to figure out if they follow the Caliph’s (al-Mamun’s) theological views. 4 initially say no, but then 2 reconsider. Of the 2 left, one is Ibn Hanbal who will use this to become Shaun Michaels famous. The mihna shows that the Caliph wanted to be in charge of the religion, and he failed (the Caliph wanted sole religious authority). In fact he limits the power of the Caliphate by trying to increase it