Renaissance Timeline NR 7

  • 70

    Siege of jerusalem

    The siege of Jerusalem was a siege and the decisive event of the first Jewish-Roman war and many affect on the people living in that time.
  • Period: 1091 to 1296

    The crusades

  • Period: 1347 to 1352

    The black death

  • 1348

    The plaugue enters england

    It was during the second pandemic it was well known but they didn't except it to hit England the way it did.
  • Period: 1400 to 1495

    The early renaissance

  • Period: 1434 to

    Age of exploration

  • 1450

    Gutenberg prints bible

    Gutenberg and his partner Johann Fust first printed the bible in 1455, They printed 150 large copy's and it is now known today as the Gutenberg bible,
  • Period: 1495 to 1527

    The high rennaissance

  • 1497

    Vasco de Gama sails around Africa

    He sailed around africa looking for trade. After this he landed in india in 1948.
  • 1513

    Machieveli publishes the prince

    After he was expelled from the political service with the takeover of florence he decided to make the outline for the prince.
  • Period: 1517 to 1555

    Protestant reformation

  • Aug 31, 1517

    Martin Luther writes the 95 theses

    There are rumors that Martin Luther just walked up to the church nailed the piece of paper to the wall that we now know is the 95 theses and it started the protestant revolution.
  • Period: 1527 to

    The late renaissance

  • Period: 1550 to

    Scientific revolution

  • William Shakespeare writes hamlet

    Hamlet is a poem about a ghost in Denmark. It is about your inner self and controlling your madness and urges.
  • Galileo build a enhanced refracting telescope

    Galileo was part of a small astronomers who wanted telescopes to be able to see very far. After he saw what the Danish did he decided to do it himself and make it better.
  • Columbus sails to the americas

    Columbus sailed to the Americas in 1492 in search for new land and found it. He claimed it as his and took it away from the people that were already there.