The black death

World History

  • Aug 25, 1095


    A war between Christians and Muslims for holy land.
  • Sep 3, 1300

    The Italian Renaissance

    The Italian Renaissance
    They chose the word Renaissance because it means rebirth.
    It landed in italy due to there thriving cities.
  • Sep 11, 1337

    100 years war

    100 years war
    Battle of Xsleuoguus When sweden fights france.
    It was many wars in the period.
    They had several peace points.
    French and england war mainly fought in france.
    Joan of Arc.
  • Sep 15, 1398

    Napoleon Defeated at Waterloo

    Napoleon Defeated at Waterloo
    They fought a long war but lost.
    They have had many men killed by the end of the war.
  • Sep 9, 1431

    Joan of arc burned at stake

    Joan of arc burned at stake
    She was burned at stake as 19.
    She leads some armys and is succesful.
    She becomes a saint in 1920.
  • Sep 25, 1492

    Christopher Columbus sails to the americas

    Christopher Columbus sails to the americas
    he sails to america thinking it was the west indies.
    He first names the country Santa Domingo.
    He brings the queen back several items and some indians.
  • Oct 9, 1492

    Jews, Jippsies, and mores expelled from spain

  • Oct 9, 1494

    Treaty Of Tordesillas

    Treaty Of Tordesillas
    It drew an imaginary line through the atlantic ocean.
    Everything on the west of this line belonged to spain.
    Everything to the east belonged to Portugal.
  • Oct 9, 1495

    Johannes Gutenberg

    Johannes Gutenberg
    Made a printing press.
    He made it to where you could print on both sides of the paper.
    His first publication was a 1,282 page bible.
  • Sep 25, 1497

    Vasco da Gama sails to india

    Vasco da Gama sails to india
    Sails to make it to india.
    He was the first person to find a shorter route to india.
    He goes back and makes several more trips before he later dies.
  • Oct 9, 1500

    Slave Trade

    Slave Trade
  • Oct 9, 1501

    Safavid Empire

    Safavid Empire
    They were persian muslims called Safavids.
    They began building their empire in 1500.
    There soon was a conflict between the muslims and Ottomans.
  • Oct 9, 1502

    Naming of the new World

    Naming of the new World
    When Christopher Columbus found the new world he named it Santa Domingo.
    But When Amerigo Vespucci found it he told everyone Christopher was wrong about him saying it was part of the indies and that it was a new world.
    And Amerigo named it America.
  • Sep 5, 1503

    Da Vinci Paints the "Mona Lisa"

    Da Vinci Paints the "Mona Lisa"
    Da Vinci painted the mona lisa in 1503 and ended in 1506. It was his last painting he made he then went on to inventing.
  • Sep 19, 1509

    A Kings Protest

    Became king of England in 1509
    As a king he was a devout Catholic who wrote angry protests against the ideas of luther.
    Henrys actions won him the title " Defender of Faith".
  • Sep 11, 1517

    Martin Luther Posts the 95 Theses

    Martin Luther Posts the 95 Theses
    Martin luther posted the 95 theses to deabate with the church on financial and religous practices. He was a catholic monk of the church and it was disrespectful to talk about the church like that.
  • Sep 25, 1519

    Magellans crew is the first crew to sail completely around the world

    he was killed on the journey by phillepinos
  • Oct 3, 1519

    The Columbian Exchange

    When Christopher Columbus found the americas and came back with all these items it started people trading for items.
  • Sep 17, 1527

    The Italian Wars

    It was a territory war between England and Rome.
    Several popes got involed on englands side.
    Holy roman emperor Charles V got involed on romes side.
  • Oct 1, 1527


    All the foundings of colonies and introduction of new goods to europe led to signifacant changes in the European economy.
  • Sep 19, 1533

    The Reformation Parliament

    Henry became the head of the church.
    England no longer thought they were under control of the pope.
    This helped build more public support for the support of the split from the church.
  • Sep 23, 1534


    Jesuits were founded by Ignatious Of Loyola.
    The Father general ran the jesuits like a military.
    Jesuits concentrated on the education.
    They Built schools and universitys.
  • Sep 25, 1535

    Sir Francis Drake of england sails around the world

    Sir Francis Drake of england sails around the world
    he sailed around the world after Magellan
  • Sep 19, 1545

    King Henry VI

    King henry had many wives to try and have a son heir.
    He had 2 daughters before king edward the 1st.
    King edward didnt make it to his 16th birthday.
    His two sisters took the throne first mary then elizebeth.
  • Sep 19, 1546

    The Council of Trent

    The Council of Trent
    Its delegates addressed the abuses that had weakened the church.
  • Sep 19, 1559

    Elizabeths Reign

    One of her first new supremecy act in 1559.
    Throughout her reign she was threatened by many catholics.
    Established the church of england.
  • The French

    Like the english th french wanted to find a passage to asia the sent explorers to look for a northwest passage
  • The Dutch

    The Dutch
    The dutch started exploring the americas after Columbus discovered them
  • Henry Hudson

    He set out to the north hoping to find a northeast passage around europe.
  • French Traders

    They Founded the city Quebec.
    Most people to moved to french colonies were traders not settlers.
    They traded many different things like food and metals and cattle.
  • The Enlightenment

    Thomas hobbes wrote about the U.S. Government and his views about them.
  • British French Conflict

    British French Conflict
    English colonists began trying to settle in French territory in the upper Ohio River valley.
    Tension began to grow between the British and French.
    The war finally broke out in 1754.