US History B3

By eganjoh
  • Period: Oct 3, 1096 to Oct 3, 1291

    Crusades are fought

    The Crusades were expeditions to recover the Holy land. There was a conflict between Islam and Christanity.
  • Sep 25, 1300

    Renaissance Begins

    Renaissance Begins
    The Reniassance was when people wanted to show that they were wealthy. People purchased art literature and it started to change the economy.
  • Sep 25, 1337

    100 years war begins

    100 years war begins
    The 100 years war was a war between France and England. England assumed that they were owners of the crown. France was not aware of this and wanted to take the crown back.
  • Sep 25, 1347

    Black Death Begins in Europe

    Black Death Begins in Europe
    The blck death was carried by mice and fleas. The peple of Europe didn't know what was causing the plauge. They thought it was God who was punish them for there actions.
  • Period: Sep 25, 1368 to

    Ming Dynasty in China

    In the beginning the Ming dynasty was very prosperous. But then it started to fall apart due to the economy.
  • Period: Sep 25, 1405 to Sep 25, 1433

    Voyages of Zheng He

    Zheng He went on many voyages. He visited Yemen Iran and the Holy city of Islam Mecca.
  • Sep 25, 1431

    Joan of Arc burned at the Stake

    Joan of  Arc burned at the Stake
    Told by saints to join King of France and reconquer his kingdom. she was caprtured and told captors that the siants made her do it
  • Sep 25, 1453

    Ottomans conquer Constantinople

    Ottomans conquer Constantinople
    The fall of the Constantinople marked the end of the Byzantine empire. This occured after a siege by the Ottoman empire.
  • Sep 25, 1455

    Johannes Gutenberg- Printing Press

    Johannes Gutenberg- Printing Press
    When Gutenberg invented the printing press it allowed mass production of documents to be printed more quickly. And hand writing scripts was a long process.
  • Sep 25, 1492

    Jews, gypsies and moors expelled from Spain

    Jews, gypsies and moors expelled from Spain
    The reason for Jews, gypsies and moors being expelled from spain is because that they were christain or muslim. But then Spain had some people turn thier religion.
  • Sep 25, 1492

    1st Voyage of Columbus

    1st Voyage of Columbus
    Columbus wanted to find wealth and the Europeans desired expensive goods. Queen Isabella gave Columbus 3 ships to sail the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria.
  • Sep 25, 1498

    Da Gama lands in India

    Da Gama lands in India
    July 7th 1497 Da Gama leaves Lisbon and sets sail for India.He has 4 ships and 170 men. In May 1498 the 4 ships reaches Calicut India.
  • Period: Sep 25, 1500 to

    Slave Trade Across the Atlantic

    The europeans needed slaves so they could work thier plantations. The people worked on the plantation for a set period of time in exchange for passage to the Americas from Europe.
  • Period: Sep 25, 1501 to

    Safavid Empire

    The Safavid Empire controlled alot of area when it was regined. The greatest Safavid ruler was Shah Abbas I.
  • Sep 25, 1502

    Naming of the New World

    Naming of the New World
    Columbus didn't really name america. The name America came from a name called Amerigo Vespuccio.
  • Period: Sep 25, 1503 to Sep 25, 1506

    Da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa

    Nobody really knows why Da vinci painted the Mona Lisa. Some say that he didn't want part with the painting.Later on he sold it to the king of France for four gold crowns.
  • Sep 25, 1508

    Micheangelo begins painting Sistine Chaple

    Micheangelo begins painting Sistine Chaple
    Lorenzo invited Michangleo into his house and paint. Michangelo is a person who could paint anything by just picking up a brush. Later Michelangelo moved to Rome in 1496.
  • Sep 25, 1517

    Martin Luther Posts 95 Theses

    Martin Luther Posts 95 Theses
    Marting Luther was upset about the way the pope was selling indulgences. Indulgences was a way for a person to get rid of there sins. Martin Luther belived only God could forgive sins.
  • Sep 25, 1519

    Magellan starts his "around the world" trip

    Magellan starts his "around the world" trip
    set sail in 1519 with 5 ships and 250 men. In August 1520 he reached a strait at the southern tip of south America and named it the Strait of Magellan
  • Sep 25, 1526

    Mughal Empire begins

    Mughal Empire begins
    The Mughal empire began by a man named Babur. Babu advanced to Delhi. He conquered Delhi and built his new empire.
  • Sep 25, 1534

    Henry VIII founds Anglican Church

    Henry VIII founds Anglican Church
    Henry founded the Anglican Chruch because he declared England was no longer under the authority of the Pope. He went out and closed churches, monestaries, convents and land nobles
  • Sep 25, 1537

    Pizarro invades the Inca Empire

    Pizarro invades the Inca Empire
    Pisarro Invades the Inca Empire bcause he finds out that there is gold and silver there. Since the Incan Empire doesn't have swords
    or horses, Pizarro has the advantage.
  • Sep 26, 1543

    Copernicus publishes heliocenric theory

    Copernicus publishes heliocenric theory
    Copernicus was a polish astronomer. He publsihed a book on the revolutions of the heavenly bodies. He also died the same year the book got published.
  • Period: Sep 26, 1545 to Sep 26, 1563

    Council of Trent

    The council of Trent was called by pope Paul III. All of the church leaders met to define the church doctrines. They abolished the selling of indulgences.
  • Period: Sep 26, 1556 to

    Phillip II rules Spain

    Phillp was married 4 times. Many people belived he lacked in self confiedence. Phillip belived that God put him as ruler of Spain, and that if God didn't make a mistake by putting Phillip as ruler, than niether could Philip.
  • Sep 26, 1558

    Elizabeth I becomes Queen of England

    Elizabeth I becomes Queen of England
    Elizabeth became Queen of England after Mary dies. She was a protestant at heart. she surpassed surpremacy act in 1559.
  • Period: to

    Age of Enlightenment

    The age of Enlightment was a cultral, scientific, and intellectual life centered upon the 18th century. As its core was critical questioning of traditional institutions, customs and morals
  • Jamestown, colony in Virgina founded

    Jamestown, colony in Virgina founded
    Jamestown was the first english colony in Virgina. Many people died because they didn't know how to survive on thier own. The leader of the colony John Smith was one of the very few people that survived.
  • Louis XIV becomes King of France

    Louis XIV becomes King of France
    Louis took the throne when he was younger than 5. When he was older Louis wanted to represent all that was good of France.
  • Qing Dynasty in China begins

    Qing Dynasty in China begins
    At the beginning of the leader wanted to revive the socail economy. By the middle of the 18th century the dynasty had reached a golden age.
  • Thomas Hobbes writes Leviathan

    Thomas Hobbes writes Leviathan
    Thomas is known for loving math, and the wonders of matter. The book Leviathan was composed of other people's science work into his book.
  • Oliver Cromwell rules England

    Oliver Cromwell rules England
    Oliver was a religious man who belived that everybody should live thier lives according to the bible. During his time as head of the government he believed that he should tame the government. He believed that the Irish were going to attack the the english government.
  • Peter I (the Great) becomes Czar

    Peter I (the Great) becomes Czar
    Peter is credited with getting Russia out of medieval times. Peter invited craftsman, shipbuilders and architects to come to Russia and make it better.
  • French Revolution begins

    French Revolution begins
    King Louis needed money for his financial crisis so he increased the tax. Tension increased and crops were failing which meant shortage of food.
  • U.S Constitution is Ratified

    U.S Constitution is Ratified
    The US constitution created a strong federal government. 7 states quickly ratified it in quick succession
  • Reign of Terror begins

    Reign of Terror begins
    The Regin of Terror was a period of violence after the Revolutionary war. The Terror was designed to fight eneimies of the revolution and prevent counter-revelution from gaining ground.
  • Napoleon becomes Emperor

    Napoleon becomes Emperor
    Napoleon was handed the crown by pope Pius VII. He was the first frenchman to hold the title emperor .
  • Napoleon defeated at Waterloo

    Napoleon defeated at Waterloo
    Napolean was a great militay strategiest. But in the beginning of 1812 he began to suffer defeats which wasn't good for his military carrer.
  • Tokugawa Shogunate ends

    Tokugawa Shogunate ends
    Tokugawa had a good empire that thrived. Japan wanted some land but Tokugawa didn't want to give up any land so they got into a war and Japan won.