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Everything Timeline

  • Period: Jan 23, 1265 to Jan 23, 1321


    Wrote the divine comedy considered the greatest work ever written in Italian
  • Period: Jan 23, 1340 to Jan 23, 1500

    Black plauge

    was a illness that spread al over europe from rats and fleas . the illness is thought to have killed as much as 30% of all of the population of europe.
  • Period: Jan 23, 1350 to


    the time where art, culture, and thinking. started to move foward with fedulism ending and central goverment and new idea taking over goverment paying for art work and trying to improve the standard of living.
  • Period: Jan 23, 1398 to Jan 23, 1468


    inventor of the movable type( the printing press)
  • Period: Jan 22, 1400 to


    portugal and spain explored heavily in to the americas and india to get spices and fur and other things of vaule to take back to europe to sell.
  • Jan 23, 1400

    centralizzed goverments

    this is when goverment in europe started to become more centralized
  • Period: Jan 23, 1400 to

    The Medici’s

    was a great and powerful banking family in Florence and held much political power in Europe
  • Period: Jan 23, 1400 to


    was a culture and thinking movement where they put muchh importness on humans. there rights above and divine matters. talked about ethics and justice and what each human has.
  • Jan 22, 1420


    locating and predicting the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars
  • Jan 22, 1434


    this was when florance became the capital of art
  • Jan 21, 1440

    printering press

    invented in by guttenburg help speard the ideas of all future events
  • Period: Jan 24, 1440 to Jan 24, 1505

    ivan the great

    he helped centralize the goverment of russia
  • Jan 24, 1450


    was the main ship for the europe nation miltary
  • Period: Jan 23, 1452 to Jan 23, 1519


    painter, sculptor, architect, scientist, engineer, inventor, He was the Renaissance
  • Period: Jan 23, 1457 to Jan 23, 1509

    henery VII

    was the first monarchy in the tutor line
  • Period: Jan 23, 1466 to Jan 23, 1536


    was a Dutch humanist Wrote only in Latin and was called "Prince of the Humanists."
  • Period: Jan 23, 1469 to Jan 23, 1527


    was a political philosopher who wrote the “prince” a book about how monarchy should rule widely considered to be a satire
  • Period: Jan 23, 1473 to Jan 23, 1543


    he was the first person to come up with a heliocentric cosmology that put the earth not in the center of the universe
  • Period: Jan 23, 1475 to Jan 23, 1564


    Renaissance sculptor, painter, Sistine Chapel
  • Period: Jan 23, 1475 to Jan 23, 1521

    pope leo X

    granting indulgences, challenged of Martin Luther's 95 Theses
  • Period: Jan 23, 1478 to Jan 23, 1535


    wrote utopia where described his perfect government and worked as an advisor to Henry VIII
  • Period: Jan 23, 1483 to Jan 23, 1520


    Renaissance painter best known for the school of Athens
  • Period: Jan 23, 1483 to Jan 23, 1546

    martin luther

    ,95 Theses (1517), started the reformation
  • Period: Jan 23, 1491 to Jan 23, 1556

    Ignatius of Loyola

    Was a leader in the counter reformation , founded the Society of Jesus
  • Period: Jan 23, 1491 to Jan 23, 1547

    Henry VIII

    he had 6 wives and 3 children killed 2 of them and divorced 3 of them
  • Period: Jan 22, 1492 to Jan 22, 1527

    improved art formes

    was the high renaissance
  • Jan 23, 1500

    economic changes

    this was when europe started to change to Mercantilism. Witch was a system that had high tariffs and was based on have monopolys in markets and on products
  • Period: Jan 23, 1500 to

    age of absolutism

    the age inwitch monarch had complete rule over everything that happened in there country. the crown was passed down based on blood line not on who was most fit to rule. the monoarch belived they had divine right to be on the throne
  • Period: Jan 23, 1509 to Jan 23, 1564

    john Calvin

    "Institutes of the Christian Religion" clearly laid out his views on region
  • Period: Jan 22, 1517 to

    the reformation

    the reofrmation was when the roamn catholic chruch split. the movement started when Martin Luther posted his 95 theses. this sparked me to question the actions of the pope and catholic chruch.
  • Period: Jan 23, 1524 to Jan 23, 1525

    peasants war

    the largest revolt of people before the french revolution there were 300,000 people who were in it and 100,000 of them died it took place in current day germany. It was to protest was aganist the chruch and the goverment
  • Period: Jan 24, 1533 to

    queen Elizbeth I

    was a queen who made very littie descions but was very popular with her people
  • Jan 22, 1540


    Sebastian Münster set a new standard for map making
  • Period: Jan 24, 1540 to

    Francis Drake

    explorer,trader and second in command of the royal navy of england
  • Period: Jan 23, 1543 to


    was a period that started with the council of trent witch revised the standing of the chruch on some of the most argued about points of the reformation. they keep on with this trying keep catholics catholic intell 1648 with the end of the 30 year war
  • Period: Jan 23, 1543 to

    sciencetific revoloution

    was when major advances in physics,biology, medicine this led to the gorund wor of the modern studys in each of these feilds some of the most famous of the people were Newton and Galilei
  • Period: Jan 24, 1561 to

    Francis Bacon

    was a englidh philosphere from england who developed the sciencthic therory
  • Period: Jan 23, 1564 to


    invented the telescope and is known as father of modern observational astronomy
  • Period: Jan 23, 1571 to


    A key figure in the 17th century scientific revolution developed the law of planetary motion
  • Period: to


    wrote Leviathan came up with the social contract theory
  • Period: to

    oliver cromwell

    led the roundhead aganist the king in the english civil war and was ruler of the england republic entell his death
  • Period: to

    charles I

    fought aganist pareliment in the english civil war
  • telescope

    galileo improves the telescope
  • Period: to

    30 year's war

    it was a war between the roman catholics and the prostants. it was a large confliction between and this was one of the largest wars in christian relgion and it ended with the Peace of Westphalia
  • Period: to

    Charles II

    was made king in 1660 after the death of oliver cromwell
  • Period: to


    came up with the idea of everyone is inalienable to rights of life liberty and property
  • Period: to


    English mathematician Discovered Gravity and the 3 laws of forces
  • Period: to

    english civil war

    was a battle between the king and paraliment starting after the king tried to arrest parailment. the war cared on for many year and ended with the death of charles I
  • new model army

    oliver cromwell delived a miltary that had ranks and you would move up in it
  • Period: to


    brought ideas about social econmic and goverment thinking. the idea of sepration of powers and right of man. this ideas were put into affect in the american constution
  • pendulum clock

    invinted by huygens
  • caculus

    sir Newton invented
  • Period: to

    peter the great

    monarch that brought Russia into the modern age and forced them to abandon their old customs
  • gravity

    sir Newton discovered it well under a apple tree (maybe)
  • Period: to


    believed in separation of powers
  • Period: to


    was part of humanist movement and was for separation between church and state and free trade
  • russia army

    peter the great increased miltary power and beat the invincable swedish army
  • Period: to

    adam smith

    wrote the wealth of nations
  • sextant

    insurment for navigation on the sea