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  • Apr 12, 1300

    Florence was home to some of the greatest artists and thinkers of the Renaissance.

  • Apr 13, 1300

    The Renaissance began in Italy.

  • Apr 12, 1436

    The dome of Duomo di Santa Maria del Fiore was finished in 1436

  • Apr 12, 1450

    A German named Johannes Gutenberg dramatically improved on existing printing methods.

  • Apr 13, 1500

    The Renaissance got its namefrom a rebirth of interest in cassical art and learning.

  • Apr 12, 1504

    Michelangelo completes his sculpture David.

  • Apr 12, 1517

    Martin Luther posts his Ninety-Five Theses on the church door in Wittenberg, Germany, an act that leads to the Reformation.

  • Apr 12, 1525

    William Tyndale translates the Bible into English.

  • Apr 12, 1545

    In response to the Reformation, the Council of Trent reaffirms Catholic beliefs and teachings.

  • Florence is ruled by Lorenzo de Medici.