Relationships Life Timeline

Timeline created by dmillernorthscott
In History
  • Born in Salina, Kansas

  • Had Jaundice and Bell's Palsy

  • Became a Healthy Baby

  • Baptized at Age 1

  • Moved to Concordia, Kansas at age 2

  • Moved to Abilene, Kansas at age 3

  • Moved to Eldridge, Iowa

  • Moved to Maquoketa, Iowa at age 6

  • Got a cat named Noodles at age 8

    This was my favorite cat ever.
  • Started Middle School at Age 11 or 12

  • Started Making the Friends that in Maq That I Have Now

  • Graduated from 8th Grade

  • Vacation to Idaho the Summer Before Freshman Year

  • In the School Musical Called Oklahoma Freshman Year

  • Started High School at Age 14

  • Sophomore Summer - Went to Idaho and North Carolina

  • Started Sophomore Year

  • Junior Year Summer 2013

  • Moving Back To Eldridge

    This will effect all my friendships that i have with people from Maquoketa, because i won't be able to hang out with as often.
  • Chose a New Home

  • Started Junior Year at North Scott

  • Got License

  • Get a Job Soon

  • Get a Car

  • Graduate High School

  • Get an Apartment After High School

  • Start College

  • Graduate From College/Earn a Carreer

  • Marriage

    This would mean being fully committed to someone which could take the relationship to a better and bigger level.
  • Retire