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A Background in Teaching

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    Den Chief

    My first role in guiding youth was as a Den Chief. I joined a Den in our local Cub Scout group and served as a mentor to the kids in the group. I often led activities like games and songs, while helping introduce positive models of being a Boy Scout. I also served as an assistant for the Den Leaders when they needed an extra pair of hands. After one year, the leaders of the Den kept asking me to come back each year, leading to three years of working with the same group of boys.
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    Rank Guide

    As the boys from the Den I was a Den Chief for transititioned into Boy Scouts, an opening became available for an older scout to help lead the new members during their first year. In this role, I helped teach many of the basic principles of being a Boy Scout, leading activities that helped them meet the requirements of their first two Boy Scout ranks. During my second year in this role, I gained a new set of incoming Boy Scouts to teach.
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    Assistant Scoutmaster

    Upon becoming 18 years old, I no longer could work on and earn badges. With guidance from other Troop leaders, I became an Assistant Scoutmaster, a leadership role for adults. This was despite still being a high school senior. I continued my role as a rank guide, but took on additional responseabilities, including teaching camping skills at campouts.
  • PAC Volunteer

    PAC Volunteer
    After meeting a member of the Pairie Astronomy Club (PAC) at a class event, I visited the PAC observatory during a Public Night. I soon joined the club and became a volunteer, spending my nights showing and talking about objects to the general public. I also contributed at outreach events for various organizations.
  • Joined Teacher's College

    Joined Teacher's College
    Based on my experiences with volunteering for PAC, I decided to give teaching a try. I switched into the Teacher's College at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, initially as an Elementary Education Major.
  • First Practicum

    First Practicum
    I began my first practicum in a 3rd grade classroom in Lincoln, NE. While there, I got to teach my first lesson and even helped a teacher with an after school program called Mad Science.
  • Switched Focus

    After trying to join the Elementary Education program and finding out there were not enough spots available, I joined the Middle Level program.
  • Student Teaching

    Student Teaching
    Student teaching began, working with a science and social studies teacher at Mickle Middle School.
  • Graduation

    Today I received my Bachelor's in Middle Level Education.
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    Substitute Teacher

    For almost two years, I worked as a substitute teacher for Lincoln Public Schools in Lincoln, NE. The experience taught me some valuable lessons about life as a substitute and helped me make some connections within the district.
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    First Job

    My first job as a full time teacher was in McCook, NE. The job would only last a year, the stress of being distant from family and friends in a small town (a new experience) convincing me to look for another job in a more agreeable location for me.
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    I begin a four year career at Ray-Pec School District as a Science teacher in Southeast Kansas City.
  • First Grant

    First Grant
    A grant I wrote for purchasing GPS receivers for our science department was awarded. $500 helped purchase six units and batteries.
  • Interface B

    Interface B
    Today marked my first time presenting at a teacher's conference. My coworker Jerome and I gave a presentation on GPS use in the classroom at the Interface B conference.
  • Interface B Round 2

    Interface B Round 2
    My second year presenting about GPS use in the classroom at the Interface B conference. This time was a solo presentation.
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    Robidoux Middle School

    My career at St. Joseph School District begins with a new teacher's meeting. The move comes alongside a wedding, and our choice to live in the Maryville area.
  • AdvancED

    Joined a team at Robidoux Middle School to help prepare paperwork for the school as part of an effort for the district to earn the AdvancED National Accredidation. I was designated the lead to coordinate paperwork regarding the use of data in our building.
  • Project Reach the Stars

    Project Reach the Stars
    The Appleseed prize patrol visited to award a $1700 grant to purchase materials for a high altitude balloon. The goal is to teach students about the weather and the atmosphere.
  • Project Lead the Way

    Project Lead the Way
    After eight years of teaching science, the last three at Robidoux Middle School in St. Joseph, I accepted a position as a Project Lead the Way teacher at Truman Middle School, also part of the St. Joseph School District.
  • Launching a Balloon

    Launching a Balloon
    News article about the event.Today, my students launched a balloon to help end the school year. five students took part in building and launching the device, equiped with a camera, tracker, and sensors to record data about the atmosphere. The balloon traveled to almost 100,000 feet high and traveled past Chillicothe, MO.
  • PLTW Certification

    PLTW Certification
    Finished two weeks of training to become nationally certified in two PLTW modules.
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    Truman Middle School

    My first year teaching an elective as a Project Lead the Way teacher has been quite the experience.
  • Master's Degree

    Master's Degree
    The first day of classes for my Master's Degree in Instructional Technology.