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St Peters Lutheran College Timeline

  • War-time Schooling

    War-time Schooling
    During the period of 1939-1945 the second world war was in commence. Lutheran students attending school were transferred to Adelaide where they Boarded until the war died off. This opportunity was very expensive and challenging for families and children attending school in these vulnerable years.
  • World War II

    World War II
    World War II started in 1939 and came to an end in 1945. During this time there was a lot of persecution going around, this had an effect on Lutherans in Australia. Because the war was against the German's and more and more Lutherans were migrating to Australia, descrimination played a large part in lives and the employment of Lutherans which made livelihood difficult.
  • Period: to

    History of St Peters Lutheran College

  • Purchase of Ross Roy

    Purchase of Ross Roy
    The Ross Roy building in Brisbane Indooroopilly, was purchased in 1944 by the Lutheran Church from Mr Ross Monroe. During the war the community decided to gather money for the renovations of The Ross Roy so that it was built suited for a school's needs, including boys boarding.
  • St Peters Lutheran College opens

    St Peters co-educational school began in 1945 starting with only 56 students (all boarders) living on campus within the Ross Roy. Boys slept in a small building seperated from the Ross Roy, Girls slept upstairs within the building and Staff housed in the servant's quarters.
  • Day students at St Peters Lutheran College

    In 1960 The college made a decision to intake day students as well as the already attending boarding students at the college. This gave an opportunity for people in Brisbane to send their children to St Peters without them having to board at the College.
  • Year Eight moved into high school

    In 1964 for the first time in Queensland ever year 8 moved into high school. This was an opportunity for a younger age to become part of the school community and experience more advanced learning.
  • St Peters Chapel was built

    St Peters Chapel was built
    St Peters Lutheran chapel in Indooroopilly was built in 1968 as the centrepeice of the school grounds. It was completed with a tree-lined plaza, forecourt, bell tower and reflecting pool. The chapel is used for formal gatherings, meetings and ceremonies and is still to this day used largely by the school and community of indooroopilly.
  • St Peters established Ironbark

    St Peters established Ironbark
    Ironbark Outdoor Education Centre was a camp established via Crows Nest Qld in 1974. The camp was traditionally created for students in year 10 at St Peters to spend ten weeks with their fellow piers bonding as a group and to develope into positive and strong committed students. The camp was trailed in 1976 and is still one of the main highlights of Junior High to this day.
  • Middle School Established

    Middle School Established
    In 1979 a Middle School fro St Peters Lutheran College was established. Mr. David Woodrow as the first ever head of Middle School was one who helped create a learning opportunity for these year levels to prepare for secondary Studies.
  • Middle School gained Year 6

    Middle School gained Year 6
    It was in the year 2000 when the decision was made to move Year 6 into Middle School. This was done to provide preperation for high school years.
  • Junior High was established

    In 2007 Years 8 and 9 were considered to be in Junior High. This opportunity was create a sub-school for these year levels so again they could prepare well for their senior studies.
  • Year 5 in Middle School

    During this year of transition as year 8-9 were considered Junior High it was only suitable if Middle School had years 5-7. So as it had been decided Year 5 was finally a part of Middle School.
  • Springfield Campus Opened

    Springfield Campus Opened
    As St Peters Lutheran College in Indooroopilly had grown to such a large community, thought had been put into building a School in Springfield. The decisions had been finalised and as a developing school, Springfield school opened the year 2008 providing only years Prep-8.
  • Year 7 upgrades to Junior High

    Year 7 upgrades to Junior High
    As the Australian Curriculum was changing to become an equal learning process, Year 7 was being moved into Junior High and in Qld, from 2015 being considered as the beginning of high school learning.