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My Journey to Becoming a Teacher

  • Born

    I was born on February 29th to mother Susan and Father Denis. I was born on a very unique day as February 29th is a leap year and only happens every four years. My mom is a teacher and from a young age model the importance and her passion for learning.
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    I started kindergarten at Chinooks Edge Elementary school in Innisfail Alberta. This was my first experience learning in a school. I loved going to school and always excited to tell my parents everything I learned. School and the value of education became important to me at an early age.
  • Started Middle School

    Started Middle School
    Started School at Eastview Middle School in Red Deer Alberta. This is where I gained my love for community involvement, school sports and art.
  • Standard First Aid

    Standard First Aid
    Standard First Aid course completed
  • NL and WSI

    NL and WSI
    I received my National Life Guard training and Water safety Instructor. I taught swimming lesson and life guarded for five years. During this time I gained experience working with children and planning effective lessons.
  • Queens Volleyball Team

    Queens Volleyball Team
    Began my First year playing for the Red Deer College Queens Volleyball Team
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    I attended Hunting Hills High. During my time at hunting Hills I participated in school sports and leadership executive .
  • Started College

    Started College
    Accepted into the Bachelors of Education Program at Red Deer College and started School in septmeber
  • Period: to

    Queens Volleyball Team

    Played volleyball for the Red Deer College Queens. Playing for the queens allowed me to gain team work skills, strong work ethic and communication skills.
  • level 2 Volleyball Coach

    level 2 Volleyball Coach
    Completed my Level 2 volleyball couching course
  • Period: to

    Volleyball Coach

    Coached queens volleyball. Head coached U15, U13/14 coordinator, Organized coaches and practice plans for 5 different teams, head coached U14 team.
  • National Gold

    National Gold
    Went to Volleyball nationals where my team Won gold.
  • Accepted into the Middle Years

    Accepted into the Middle Years
    I was accepted into the middle years program after the first round of applications. I was so excited to be accepted and looked forward to starting the program in September 2016
  • Period: to

    Middle Years Program

    Having the opportunity to be in the middle years program allowed me to build relationships, collaborate and build my teaching competencies.
  • Period: to

    Curriculum Courses

    Language arts (2016)
    Math, Social studies, Science, PE (2017)
    Integrated Curriculum (2018)
  • Coaches Award

    Coaches Award
    The coaches award is rewarded to one athlete. This athlete shows consistent signs of leadership, positivity, devotion to team. It is award of character.
  • IFX @Eastview

    IFX @Eastview
    My Initial practicum took place at Eastview Middle School. During this practicum I taught grade 8 Science, leadership and Rec ED.
  • Assessment Course

    Assessment Course
    I was enrolled in an assessment course where I learned to develop authentic assessment based off of curricular outcomes.
  • UBD

    Worked with class mates to design a math UBD plan.
  • Independent Project

    Independent Project
    Service learning project to answer the question... How can I better support at risk youth in my future classroom.
  • Dr. Martin Brokenleg

    Dr. Martin Brokenleg
    Attended Dr. Martin Brokenlegs presentation on working with at risk youth
  • Path to Awareness Conference

    Path to Awareness Conference
    Attended the Path to awareness conference to gain new knowledge on FNMI students and culture. This is a photo of me holding the smudging kit at the conference.
  • PBL

    Created a PBL unit. The theme was Olympics with a focus on fair play in P.E.
  • Extended Practicum

    Extended Practicum
    Started extended practicum at Central Middle School teaching math, science, and PE to grade 7 students
  • Inclusion

    Enrolled in an inclusion course. Learned about the importance of inclusion and how to differentiate instruction to meet individual student needs.
  • 7 Habits

    7 Habits
    7 Habits Training from Mike Fritz. This was a two day course where I learned about the 7 different habits.
  • DYEversity run

    DYEversity run
    Volunteered at the DYEversity run at Lindsey Thurber High School where students celebrated diversity.

    guest speakers on LGBTQ issues
  • New Comers Reading Club

    Volunteer with the Red Deer Public Library and Central Alberta Refugee Efforts new comers reading club. Working with ESL learners to improve their literacy skills.