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  • Born , a minute after, a twin was born +

  • Brother Born +

  • Rejected from school -

    Only spoke Vietnamese. Sent home to learn English before being allowed to begin Kindergarten
  • Aunt, Uncle, Grandparents immagrated to USA +

  • Experienced Maltreatment -

  • Entered Kindergarten speaking fluent English +

  • Grandfather died -

  • Rejected by family -

    Due to being bi-racial, Mom's side of the family had opinions about White children.
  • Brother started school +

  • Parents Divorced -

  • Suspended for fighting -

    First fight-of many-at school, first grade
  • Dealing drugs -

    Summer of 1987, started selling drugs
  • Joined 415-FDP Street Gang +/-

  • First time in YGC -

    First trip of many to Youth Guidance Center, San Francisco Californina- Curfew Violation
  • Stopped attending school -

    Cutting classes and particpating in criminal activities. Increased police contact, gang status raised, and placed on actvie juvenile probation.
  • Experimenting with drugs and alcohol -

    Began experimenting with drugs, alcohol, and sexual behaviors.
  • Sister Raped -

    Sister was raped on Thnaksgiving day in Mission District, San Francisco California
  • Diagnosed with Diabetes +/-

    Diagnosed with child onset Diabets. Insulin dependent
  • Probation Revoked -

    Too much criminal activity. PO revoled probation and mandated out of parental custody. My mom fought it but it was a losing battle. They deemed me a ward of the court and sent me to several foster and group homes for children throughout California. Due to my increasing disrespectful, criminal, and violent behavior, I was returned to YGC several times before I was transferred to Alameda Coutny to await a petition 778 return to parent.
  • Cystectomy- UC Davis Medical Center +

  • Return to parent +

    I remember this exact date. I was so happy to see my twin, brother, and my mom. Released form Alameda County Youth Center.
  • Completed home schooling +

    Completed home schooling due to being an insulin dependent diabetic, I could not attned school in the community.
  • Moved to Portland, Oregon -

  • Miscarriage of first pregnancy -

  • Dropped out of high school -

    First fight in Porrtland Oregon. Marshall High School. Intoxicated. Completed process to drop from high school. All in the same day.
  • Miscarriage 2nd pregnancy -

  • Abortion 3rd pregnancy -

  • Arrested for Measure 11 +/-

  • Found out I was pregnant- first child -

  • Sentenced to 5 years +/-

  • Gave birth to my oldest daughter +/-

    Mother and brother recieved her and cared for her throughout the rest of my incarceration
  • Released from Prison +

  • Addicted to Methamphetamines -

  • Abortion-5th pregnancy -

  • Still born -

    5 moths pregnant and had a still born. Went into a spin cycle of alcohol and meth
  • PPD Raid.+/-

    Child removed and placed in stated custody, incarceerated andmandated to treatment.
  • Graduated from treatment +

    First treatment center didn't know what else to do with me. So they let me go.
  • Phychosis-drug induced ----

    Went to detox and entered into another residential treatment center. Left after 3 weeks and reloceated to Las Vegas NV
  • Baby's father incacerated ----

    I was 5 months pregnant, he has never met his daughter.
  • Gave birth to second child +

  • returned to POrtland Oregon +

    TSI- 30 days. released to treatment. DHS custody of second child
  • Treatment +

    Entered into treatment. daughter returned to custody march of 2007. Case closed.
  • Started attending PCC for AAS in A&D Counseling ++

  • Graduated from treatment +++

    Home sweet home
  • Completed probation and parole +

    Haven't looked back
  • Earned AAS +

  • Began working DUI Counselor +

  • Earned CADC I +

  • Mom died -

    Severed ties with siblings. Have not spoken to one another since
  • Started WP +

  • Earned CRM +

  • Preganant-final pregnancy +

  • Methadone counselor +

  • Birth of Son +

  • Methadone Counselor @ CRC +

  • Began Interpreting +

    Curently work as a Medical Interperter for the Vietnamese language
  • Engaged to be married +