The History of Lakewood High School

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    Lakewood High School History

  • The first Lakewood High School

    The first Lakewood High School
    Lakewood school began construction​ in 1928 and opened​ in 1933 at the current site of the JEFFCO Open School at 10th and Wadsworth. The inaugural graduating class was 25 students.
  • The first gym

    The first gym
    Lakewood High School added a gym in 1936.
  • Lakewood High School Athletics

    Lakewood High School Athletics
    Showing how the power of football has endured, the only sketched faces in the entire yearbook were the football coach and two players. Yearbooks until Title IX in the 1970s focused on boy's sports, especially football. ​
  • Class of 1939 Seniors

    Class of 1939 Seniors
    10 years after opening its doors, Lakewood was already an established school with many of the same organizations that still exist at the school today.
  • Lakewood Track State Champions

    Lakewood Track State Champions
    Lakewood High Schools won its first state championship in Boy's Track. They won​ three more times in 1948, 1951, and 1954.
  • Lakewood Football Champions

    Lakewood Football Champions
    Lakewood won its first state football championship in 1943. Many of the players would leave for military service after that year. Lakewood won 6 more times in 1944, 1946, 1960, 1964, 1968 and 1985.
  • Alumni 1943

    Alumni 1943
    Lakewood's graduating class was growing every year until 1943 with the departure of young men to join the war effort.
  • Lakewood Football 1943-1944

    Lakewood Football 1943-1944
    Lakewood's opponents scored a total​ of 7 points against the Lakewood team the entire football season.
  • Lakewood Men in Service WWII 1943

    Lakewood Men in Service WWII 1943
    The yearbook honors the many young men that were serving or gave their life in WWII.
  • Jefferson County School District established

    Jefferson County School District established
    In 1950 the many small school districts in Jefferson County unified and became the Jefferson County R-1 School District. Now called JEFFCO Schools, it has grown from a one-room​ school house in 1860, to the second largest school district in Colorado in 2016.
  • Lakewood's new location

    Lakewood's new location
    In 1958, Lakewood High School moved to its current address at 9700 W. 8th Ave.
  • Girl's Athletic Club

    Girl's Athletic Club
    Until the passing of Title IX, girls did not compete in athletics other than gymnastics​, but participated in Girl's Athletic Club to "blow off steam."
  • The death of Martin Luther King Jr.

    The death of Martin Luther King Jr.
    Dr. Cindy Stevenson remembers the day of the assassination​ of Dr. King.
    Martin Luther King was killed in April of 1968. On the day after he was killed, the head boy, Denny Nakayama, recited his “I have a Dream” speech on the intercom rather than doing the pledge of allegiance. It was quite a shock. Denny told me years later that they almost did not let him graduate. I think it was such a powerful moment for a school full of white middle class kids!
  • The "L"

    The "L"
    The Lakewood "L" has been a place to meet and celebrate the traditions of Lakewood throughout the decades.
  • 1973 Response to Title IX

    1973 Response to Title IX
    In 1973, both volleyball and basketball were added to Lakewood's athletics.
  • Lakewood Traditions

    Lakewood Traditions
    Lakewood is a school built on tradition. Seniors still wear togas during Winterfest week.
  • 1982 School Culture

    1982 School Culture
    Currently, Lakewood prides itself on being inclusive. This has been a culture in development for many years.
  • Superintendent Cindy Stevenson's Recollections of the 1990's

    At some point in the 90’s, Lakewood was fading away. I think they had about 800 kids and was considered a school in decline. Jim Milhouse became principal, ​and he worked with Vera Dawson who was the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction to put the IB program in Lakewood. It was our first and really invigorated the school. Lakewood went on a steady growth vector for the next twenty years.
  • The International Baccalaureate Program is started at Lakewood

    The International Baccalaureate Program is started at Lakewood
  • Ron Castagna

    Ron Castagna
    Ron Castagna became principal. During his 17 years, ​the enrollment increased from 850 to over 2,000 students.
  • New Building!

    New Building!
    .As a result of a bond issue on the 2004 ballot, Lakewood received over $35 million to open the new building in 2007
  • 2012 Colorado Principal of the Year

    2012 Colorado Principal of the Year
    Ron Castagna was awarded as the Colorado 2012 Principal of the Year.
  • Katy Perry!

    Katy Perry!
    Lakewood's student body won a national lip dub contest that brought the​ school a Katy Perry concert and national attention.
  • Lisa Ritchie becomes principal.

    Lisa Ritchie becomes principal.
    After working as a teacher and AP at Lakewood, Lisa Ritchie became the ​principal.
  • WWII Memorial Rededication at Lakewood HIgh School

    WWII Memorial Rededication at Lakewood HIgh School
    On May 28, 2016, a Lakewood Eagle Scout organized a rededication ceremony of a memorial honoring the 12 Lakewood High School students who die​d in WWII.
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  • Lakewood High School in 2016

    Lakewood High School in 2016
    From, a graduating class of 25 in 1933, Lakewood High School is now the biggest school in Jefferson County.