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Autobiography Timeline

  • NLS/WSI Certification

    National Life Saving and Water Safety Instructor Certification. My first time planning and teaching lessons.
  • High School Graduation

    St. Matthew Catholic School, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
  • Start RDC for Bachelor of Commerce

    I was not really sure what I wanted to do with my life after high school but this degree sounded like a good idea at the time because it was very broad and I hoped I could find something I liked about it.
  • Made the decision to go to SAIT for Library Information Technology

    After two years in the Commerce program I realized it was not for me. I love to read and I was considering applying for a job at the public library. One thing led to another and I applied for SAIT and got in even though it is a tough program to get into.
  • Storytelling Practicum

    Created and presented a storytelling program for Grade 4 students
  • Library Practicum at Eastview Middle School

    3 week practicum experience working with a great mentor and learning what it means to be part of a school staff.
  • Graduate from SAIT with Library Information Technology Diploma

  • First Job!

    High School Librarian at Highwood High School. I loved my school experience growing up so I knew I wanted to work at a school. I kept my eye on the job boards and applied for this job while I was living in Niagara Falls for the summer.
  • Volunteered to help Sr. Girls Volleyball team

    By the end of the season I was the head coach and remained for 5 years
  • Got Married!

    We were very happy with our life in High River. My husband coached Junior Hockey and I coached girl's Volleyball.
  • Tucker is born!

    During my maternity leave the lady who was working in my position made some very big changes. She tossed out most of the reference library and gave several of the shelves to another school. I was very disappointed and I felt the work I put into the library was not valued.
  • Laina is born!

    I decided not to go back to work after Laina was born so that I could be home with my children but also because it would have been too expensive for childcare.
  • We move to Sylvan Lake

    We decided to move back to Central Alberta to be closer to family.
  • Start at RDC

    I went to talk to an advisor about possibly starting the following Winter. The next thing I knew I was enrolled to start in less than a month.
  • Coached Grade 5/6 Volleyball Team

    I told the school that I would help out with volleyball, they were very appreciative and let me take the lead as I had experience.
  • Classroom Observations in EDUC 250

    First time in a classroom observing from the perspective of a future teacher. I loved the Grade 3 & 5 classrooms and learned so much about the Alternative School.
  • KPED Mini Practicum

    Along with a partner I prepared and taught Grade 1 volleyball lessons over a period of 6 weeks
  • Acceptance into the Middle Years Program

    I very impatiently waited to see if I would get into the program. Unfortunately some of my marks from when I was 18 were still a factor.
  • IFX @ Fox Run

    A great experience in a Grade 7 and a Grade 8 classroom. I taught Grade 7: LA, Social, Health and Art and Grade 8: Art. I also helped out with the Environmental Club.
  • Kids in Action Service Learning Project

    I worked collaboratively with a group of staff from Beacon Hill Elementary in Sylvan Lake to create a program that would allow Grade 5 students to try out various athletic activities.
  • What's In your Suitcase? PBL

    First experience working collaboratively with classmates to create a PBL unit. Our unit was based on Grade 8 Worldview outcomes from the Social program of study.
  • First Aid Certification

  • Extended Practicum Begins

    AFX and extended practicum at Poplar Ridge Elementary. Great small school with a very welcoming staff. I felt like I fit in from day 1.
  • Fall 2017 PD Opportunities

    Middle Years Literacy - I set up with Sherri Jantzen
    Struggling Readers in the Middle Years - I set up with CARC
    Creating Literacy Rich Environments - Wildrose School Division
    7 Healthy Habits - Cohort
    Populations - Cohort