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Tangerine by Edward Bloor

By mshanks
  • Part One -Arrival in Lake Windsor Downs

    Paul and his mom arrive in Lake Windsor Downs, Tangerine County, Florida.
  • Muckfire

    Paul and his mom notice smoke outside of their home and call the fire department. They find out that there is a muckfire that is always burning.
  • Paul Gets an IEP

    Paul’s mom tells the school about his vision, in order to get a tour of the school, and fills out an IEP.
  • First Day of School at Lake Windsor Downs

    Paul's first day of school at Lake Windsor Middle School.
  • Soccer Tryouts at Lake Windsor Middle

    Paul attends tryouts for the Lake Windsor soccer team and is the "on-the-bus" goalie.
  • Mike Costello Dies

    Mike Costello Dies at football practice from being struck by lightning.
  • Paul is kicked off the soccer team

    Coach Walski tells Paul that he can't play on the soccer team because he can't be insured by the school due to IEP for his eyesight.
  • The Sinkhole

    A sink hole swallows up much of Lake Windsor Middle School and Paul helps save many students.
  • Part Two - The First Day of School

    Paul starts school at Tangerine Middle School because of the sink hole at Lake Windsor Middle School.
  • Paul starts Soccer at Tangerine Middle School.

    Paul starts to play soccer at the Tangerine Middle School because his mom got rid of his disability paperwork before turning it in to Tangerine Middle School. He is going to be a substitute player.
  • War Eagle's First Soccer Game

    Tangerine Middle School played its first soccer game against Palmetto Middle School and won 2 to 0. The fans and players of Palmetto Middle are poor sports and spit, yell, and fight the War Eagles.
  • Erik's "Banana-Peel Back-flop"

    The coach switched the plays on Erik. So instead of kicking a field goal, Antoine fakes the kick and runs with the ball to score a touchdown. Erik falls into the mud and is humiliated on TV.
  • Start of the Tangerine Science Project

    Paul and some of his new friends start a cross-curricular project on the Golden Dawn tangerine, a new variety of tangerine developed by Tino's brother.
  • The Visit to Tomas Cruz Groves

    Paul and the rest of his project group go and visit Tino's brother, Luis, at the tree nursery and learn about the Golden Dawn tangerines.
  • All-Count Playoff Game between Tangerine and Lake Windsor

    Tangerine Middle School plays its last soccer game against Lake Windsor Middle School and ties the game thanks to Paul saving many goals. Tangerine Middle School wins the title because they have the better record.
  • Part Three - The Science Project Group Meets at Paul's House

    The project group meets at Paul's house to finish up the project. Tino is smacked by Paul's brother Erik after making fun of him about a mistake he made in a football game.
  • Arthur Hits Luis with a Blackjack

    Luis comes to retaliate against Erik for hitting Tino. Arthur hits Luis in the head with a blackjack on orders from Erik. Paul watches the whole thing while he is hiding.
  • The Freeze

    Paul helps work to save the Tomas Cruz Groves from the freeze.
  • Luis Cruz Dies

    Luis Cruz dies from an aneurysm that killed him because of the hit in the head from Arthur with the blackjack.
  • Paul Mourns Luis

    Paul digs a hole in the ground of his background and cries into it, just like Luis did in the grove.
  • Senior Awards Night

    Victor and Tino attack Arthur and Erik at the football awards night because of what they did to Luis. Paul helps Victor and Tino escape by jumping on a teacher.
  • Paul's Remembers the Truth

    Paul remembers what really happened to his eyes, that Erik and his friend Vincent Castor spray spray paint in Paul's eyes. Their parents knew that this happened and Paul confronts them about this.
  • Antoine Thomas Tell the Truth

    Antoine Thomas tells the truth about how he lives in Tangerine and plays on the Lake Windsor team. All of their victories and awards are nullified.
  • Arthur and Erik Get Caught

    People find out the Arthur and Erik had been the people stealing from the termite houses and they had also caused the death of Luis Cruz. Paul volunteers to make a statement about what happened with Luis Cruz.
  • Paul Starts School at St. Anthony's

    Paul starts school at St. Anthony's private.