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My Life US History

  • My Birthday

    Was born at about 3:00 pm after 36 hours. Was born quiet with a full head of hair.
  • First Time meeting my best friend

    Our parents were family friends so they just brought use together and we got along
  • First Day of School

    I went to school early at 2.5 years old
  • First Day of preschool

    I was not happy about moving from day care school
  • First time Swimming

    This is very important for that it will be my main sport for years to come
  • First Day fo Kindergarden

    I got held back for half a year because I didn't talk
  • First Day of Grade school

  • First Time playing a sport

    Started basketball which I would hang onto for a couple years
  • First time getting a tooth pulled out by a dentist

    with many more to come, I had a majority of my teeth pulled by dentists.
  • First play I was in

    This was the first play I was in with a pretty decent role with a few more plays to come.
  • First Time being on a swim team

    I started practicing to swim somewhat competitively but never went to meets until 2 years later.
  • First Time Playing soccer at recess

    My friends back then used to play it every recess but I never bothered to play it until this day.
  • First Time being a starter on basketball team

    This was short lived for that I didn't get that same position a year later.
  • First Nerf Gun

    I wanted this one nerf gun for a while but my parents didn't me get it until christmas.
  • Got my first gaming console

    I got a wii for my birthday and the first game I played was mario.
  • First Learned to ride a bike

    I crashed after it but I sort of got the hang of it
  • First Swim Meet

    It was a really big pool and there were a lot of people there but I placed decently high in all of my events.
  • First Basketball MVP in the league

    I was really dominant this year and was the best in the league averaging about 16 points per game.
  • First long distance bike

    It was on a new highway before it was opened and I biked 10 miles.
  • First time being on the middle school basketball team

    I was the youngest on the team but with hard work I made it as a 6th man.
  • Defensive player of the year

    Though I didn't score much I was a lock down defender and was both a perimeter and chase down defender. Usually using pressure and harsh contact/fouls.
  • First Time moving school and middle school

    My previous K-12 school shut down so I had to move to a new school called Woodlawn.
  • Last Time Playing Basketball

    I decided to quit for that I realized I wasn't good anymore and that swimming was better suited for me.
  • First Time Taking the SAT

    I was allowed to take it because I was part of Duke TIP but I had a low score of 920
  • First Time Moving Up swimming group

    I stayed stagnant for a little but moved up 2 groups because I took swimming seriously
  • Made High School Swim Team

    I was in 8th grade at the time but they desperately needed swimmers so I got chosen and had a pretty good season but did not advance to regionals.
  • Graduated Middle school top of class

    I had the highest grades and did well in my sport so I got selected top of class.
  • First Day of High school and Pine Lake Preparatory High School

    I got accepted a day before school started for PLP and I decided to take the chance and go because it was my best option. And I haven't regret this decision since.
  • Made swimming regionals

    I did bad at the regionals but I still made it.
  • PLP swim won states

    I didn;t do much but help the coaches but I got a medal because the team won.
  • Lockdown

    First time doing school online because of COVID-19
  • First back at school since COVID-19 Lockdown

    Went back to school to take a PSAT
  • Back to school in person

    went back to school at half capacity 1x a week
  • First Time on a plane since covid

    I went to Seattle to meet my family I haven't seen in 2 years
  • Won a Track medal

    I was a substitute but I was subbed in after someone threw up and ran the first leg of the 4x100 relay and won silver at conference
  • Back to school full time

    Went back to school at full capacity.