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A Dedication to My Education!

By hckoerb
  • Pre-School Begins

    Pre-School Begins
    Teacher: ???
    School: Wings Pre-school in Chicago
    Teacher had breast cancer
    Cutting my own hair 1 hour before Christmas pagent
    Insisting to wear non-matching clothes to school
  • Kindergarten

    Teacher: Miss May
    School: Coventry Elementary School

    Attended PM Kindergarten, loved celebrating the holidays at school, became a Daisy Girl Scout, had difficulty holding pencil and cutting with scissors (OT class).
  • First Grade Begins

    First Grade Begins
    Teacher: Miss Becker
    School: Indian Prairie Elementary School

    Learning to read and spell
    Sitting by a smelly kid named Sam S. who would later go on to star in the movie, "The Little Rascals"
    Brand new school building
    PE teacher who yelled at me for wearing dress to his class
  • Second Grade

    Second Grade
    Teacher: Mr. Gatsakos
    School: Indian Prairie Elementary School

    Was disappointed I had a male teacher when I first found out
    Had a giant bookshelf in classroom filled with books
    Reading couch in classroom
    Pet hamster
    Achievement testing started
    Cold days at outdoor recess
    Being able to buy hot lunch on Fridays
    Learning about Space
    Keyboard in the classroom
    Buddies in 5th grade
  • Third Grade

    Third Grade
    Teacher: Mrs. Harvel
    School: Indian Prairie School

    Learning multiplication facts
    Planting a tree on Earth Day in my backyard
    Younger brother rode the bus to school with me
    End of the year picnic at teacher's house
  • Fourth Grade

    Fourth Grade
    Teacher: Mrs. Freund
    School: Indian Prairie School

    Learning about owls and renewable resources
    Giving a biography presentation on Oksana Baiul
    Started playing soccer
    Joined Battle of the Books
    School had inter-postal system called Wee Deliever
    More reading homework
    Mad Minute Tests
  • Fifth Grade

    Teacher: Mrs. Bengsten
    School: Indian Prairie School

    Having a pen pal in Bakersfield, CA
    Writing 5 paragraph essays
    Switching classes for math
    Volunteering during recess in the main office
    Being fearful of tornados and bridges
    Safety Patrol
    Played soccer all the time
    Was embarassed about being a Girl Scout
    School-wide assemblies
    Jump Rope for Heart
    Field Days
  • Hello Junior High! Grade 6

    Teacher: Mrs. Mengler (homeroom)
    School: Lundahl Junior High School

    Switching classes for many subjects
    Teacher was a comedian....hilarious
    Wrote a funny story about her and a classroom snowball fight
    Locker combinations
    Passing periods
    Mean girl at the busstop
    Track Team
  • Seventh Grade

    Teacher: Ms. Cosentino
    School: Lundahl Junior High School....become Lundahl Middle School (LMS)

    Reading and Writing a lot
    Very strict, old-fashioned SS teacher
    Having anxiety about the lunch table daily- only 12 kids per table
    Making the school basketball team
    Playing soccer a level up
  • Eight Grade

    Teacher: Mr. Zeigler (homeroom)
    School: Lundahl Middle School

    Switching classes for many subjects
    Science teacher was a critical thinker who took our learning to deeper level
    Social Studies teacher made us write 3 "Today in history facts..." to start class daily
    Very difficult and unapproachable math teacher
    Did not love going to school
    Played and started on school basketball team
    Went to 8th Grade Dance with "friends"
    Loved walking home from school even if it was 2 miles away
  • Hello Freshman Year- HS!

    Classes: Honors Biology, Algebra I, PE, Spanish I, Studyhall, Keyboarding
    School: South High School

    Homecoming Dance
    Football Games
    Playing basketball, soccer, and swimming on swim team
    Hating fitness days
    Getting decent grades (A's, B's) by turning in or completing homework
  • Sophomore Year HS

    Classes: Honors Chemistry, Geometry, Spanish II, Speech, Business Class, Studyhall, PE/Health
    School: South High School

    Football Games
    Struggling in Geometry
    Loving and hating Chemistry and Mr. Q's grading scale
    Playing basketball, soccer
    Learning to drive
    Camps in summer
    First varsity soccer game
    Tuning out all of health class
  • Junior Year HS

    Junior Year HS
    Classes: Honors Physics, Spanish III, Sociology, Econ, PE, Weights class, Grammar 101
    School: South High School

    Driving to school
    Playing basketball and soccer
    Leaving campus for lunch
    Brother attending same school
    Making a physics video
    ACT test
    Applying to colleges
    Visiting colleges
    Volunteering at local elementary school
    Future Educators Club member
  • Senior Year HS...Finally!

    Senior Year HS...Finally!
    Classes: Child development, Pre-school lab, PE, studyhall, American Literature, Spanish IV
    School: South High School

    Football Games
    Varsity soccer and captain
    Choosing a college
    Declaring a major
    Senior Days
  • Period: to

    College @ Illinois State University

    Top Academic Memories:
    Taking Natural Disasters class during Hurricane Katrina
    Engaging Human Biology professor
    Thought-provoking Adolescent Psych professor
    Learning "how to study"
    Building confidence with public speaking
    Honors Program
    Learning to critic and question information
    Bone Scholar nominee
    Graduating with a 4.0 GPA
  • Period: to

    Master's Degree @ NLU

    Top Academic Memories:
    Modifying how I teach reading with regards to best practices
    Understanding the process of learning to read
    Thought-provoking professor named Ann Bates
    Learning how to assess reading skills
    Diagnosing areas of weakness in reading
    Participating in summer practicum at NLU Reading Center
    Belonging to a close cohort of wonderful educators
    Graduating with a 4.0 GPA
    Becoming the first person in my family to obtain an advanced degree
  • Period: to

    Master's Degree @ NLU Part II

    Top Academic Memories:
    Deciding to go back to graduate school
    Doing this assignment