Lesly Phillips

  • I was born at Kaiser Hospital in Hayward, CA at 11:52 pm.

    I was born at Kaiser Hospital in Hayward, CA at 11:52 pm.
  • Kindergarten: Sydney Elementary

    Kindergarten: Sydney Elementary
    Sydney ElementarySydney Elementary School
    Ruby Pappas was the best teacher ever!
  • First Grade: Clifton Elementary

  • Period: to

    First through Third Grade: Clifton Elementary School

  • First time on an airplane

    First time on an airplane
    Well, at least first "conscious" time as an airplane if you don't count the trip I took at 9 months old down to L.A. We flew in a jumbo jet from SFO to Heathrow Airport in London.
  • Period: to

    First Trip to Europe

    First big family trip in an airplane to Europe.
  • 4th Grade: Parsons Elementary

  • Period: to

    Parsons Elementary School

    My mom pulled me out of Clifton for two years because she didn't like any of the 4th or 5th grade teachers at Clifton.
  • Diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease

    I was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease at the age of 10. There was so little known about it back then, that it took them 3 weeks to diagnose me. The first sign that something was wrong was that I went from being a completely hyper kid to a kid who couldn't stay awake more than 2 hours a day. The good news is, there were no lasting effects from the disease.
  • 6th Grade at Clifton Elementary School

    6th Grade at Clifton Elementary School
    My mom moved me back to my original elementary school because the 6th grade teachers were fabulous there and less than fabulous at Parsons.
  • Lived in Naples, Italy for a summer

    Lived in Naples, Italy for a summer
    My parents did a house exchange with an Navy teacher who was stationed in Naples. We had a penthouse apartment with an amazing view of the whole bay and Vesuvius.
  • Period: to

    Canyon Middle School

    I was one of the few classes that only had to attend 2 years at Canyon Middle School because of the transition from 6th graders going from elementary to middle. I spent 6th grade at my elementary school.
  • Trip to Europe

    Trip to Europe
    My parents booked another trip to Europe with my best friend and her parents. We traded RVs with some people from Germany and traveled via campground.
  • Period: to

    Attended Castro Valley High School

    I attended Castro Valley High School all 4 years and had a great time in high school. I ran Cross Country and Swam as my sports of choice.
  • First Boyfriend

    I dated my first boyfriend Gary my Sophomore year.
  • Left home for the first time

    Left home for the first time
    I attended San Diego State my first year of college. I spent more time partying in Tijuana than studying though.
  • Graduated Cal State Hayward

    Graduated Cal State Hayward
    Despite my rough start at SDSU, I still managed to graduate from college in 4 years with a 3.2 gpa. I graduated with a Liberal Studies B.A. and Studio Art minor.
  • Teaching credential from Saint Mary's College of California

    Teaching credential from Saint Mary's College of California
    I got my multiple subject teaching credential from SMC. One of the better credential programs around!
  • First Teaching Job!

    First teaching job in the absolute worst elementary school in Hayward. I taught 5th grade in a gang infested neighborhood. I got out of there after a year.
  • 2nd Teaching Job

    I got a better teaching job in Fremont, teaching 6th grade at an elementary school. It still wasn't the right fit though.
  • Moved to Florida

    Moved to Florida
    I'll admit it, I met my first husband in an AOL chat room. It didn't last, but it was a fun adventure moving across the country!
  • Period: to

    Computer Teaching Job

    I got hired to teach computers at a posh private school in Boca Raton. It was a fun job and the first inkling of something that I actually loved to teach.
  • My father passes away

    My father passes away
    My dad passes away from prostate cancer. He was a unique character and is still sorely missed.
  • Married my first husband

    Got married in my parent's garden. The wedding was fun but the marriage didn't last.
  • Became a middle school art teacher

    Got over my fear of middle schoolers and became an art teacher. I hated that job, there was too much clean up and mess.
  • Got hired to PeopleSoft

    Got hired to PeopleSoft
    By chance, I ran into the right person and got a job interview at PeopleSoft Inc. They were looking for people with good customer skills to train for tech support. I was tired of teaching after 5 years and needed a scenery change.
  • Period: to

    Worked at PeopleSoft.com

    I worked as a tech support analyst and Quality Assurance. After 5 years of working there I had to make a decision about my teaching credential. I figured it was the right time to switch back because Oracle was about to make their hostile takeover.
  • Divorce

    Decided that I couldn't live with someone who was so needy. I married a "project" not a partner. I couldn't fix this guy.
  • Hired at Charlotte Wood Middle School

    Hired at Charlotte Wood Middle School
    I was hired as the Computer, Yearbook and Cooking teacher. I dropped cooking the second year as I built up the computer program.
  • Period: to

    Computer Teacher at Charlotte Wood Middle School

    Working at Charlotte Wood Middle School as a computer, graphic design, video production and yearbook teacher.
  • Married again!

    Married again!
    This time I married the right person! I knew Tony from PeopleSoft, we were co-workers for 4 years before we started dating.
  • My son is born!

    My son is born!
    Heath is born!
  • My daughter is born!

    My daughter is born!
    Elise is born!
  • Period: to

    Master's Program

    Finally decided to go back to school for a Master's in Ed Technology from Lesley University.