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My Life

  • Birth

    I was born April 9, 2004. On this day my mom had me, I don't remember it at all. Nothing crazy happened this day. I am glad to be on this earth. God gave me great parents. I was born at 2:51am
  • Little brother born

    Little brother born
    On this day my little brother was born. I remember my grandparents waking me up. They woke me up at 9am. They said I had a brother now. I was very happy to play with someone.
  • Moved to New York

    Moved to New York
    This day my family moved to Rochester New York. It was a move for just 5 months. We drove 7 hours. The trip was cool and I touched 2 new states, Pennsylvania and New York. I was tired after the long trip.
  • Period: to

    New York.

    In New York there was a pool there that we swan in. It was a fun summer. It is a fun place for any family. I went to Lake Ontario and it was cold. I lived in New York Sate for one summer.
  • I wacthed the best football game ever

    I wacthed the best football game ever
    I watched the Seahawks and Patriots play. It was super bowl 49. It was snowy out that day. Malcom Butler won the game on an interception. I was jumping around and excited.
  • Pistions game.

    Pistions game.
    I went to a Detroit Pistions game. The played the Denver nuggets. I got discounted tickets from my elementary school. I saw 2 of my friends there. They won 98-88.
  • Period: to

    Middle school

    Middle school was not fun. The best part of middle school was the baseball season in 8th grade. We won our division. I was happy when school was out. Then I was ready for high school.
  • First Lions game

    First Lions game
    I went to ford field in Detroit. i saw the Lions beat the rams 31-28. I got to see them actually win. The crowd was fun to be involved in. I go to see the team live in person.
  • Otsego Lake

    Otsego Lake
    My brother and cousins and grandparents went camping with me. We caught no fish after trying for hours. We had fun at the campfire. I went on a boat ride. We went swimming.
  • Middle school graduation

    Middle school graduation
    I skipped the graduation dance and ceremony. I wanted to stay home and swim. I did not like middle school. The first day of summer was not wasted. I am glad I passed 8th grade.
  • Period: to

    California trip

    My family and I drove to California. I saw 17 new states. We drove for over 80 hours. It was a fun experience. I got to be driving in high altitude.
  • Drove through a tornado

    Drove through a tornado
    My family and I were driving to California. A tornado Was close to us in Wyoming. It was cool because I like bad weather. It wasn't cool because we got kind of close to it. Everyone was safe but it was scary.
  • Visited mount Rushmore.

    Visited mount Rushmore.
    On the way home from California I went to mount Rushmore. There were many people there. I got great footage of all there was to see. South Dakota is cool. There are many trees at the mountain.
  • First day of high school

    First day of high school
    This was the first day of school for the year. I was sad because summer was over. The day was only a half day. After that I went to Staples for supplies. I was happy to be in high school.
  • Period: to

    Clawson high school

    I liked high school at first. After a while I wanted to go to a christian school. I did not really like public school. Baseball was fun. Our team at Clawson went 8-5-1.
  • My high school baseball team tie

    My high school baseball team tie
    In 9th grade I was on JV baseball. I attended Clawson High School. We played a school named North Farmington that was a lot bigger than us. We played 7 innings and the score was tied at 3. Then we played an 8th inning and ran into trouble with time so the game ended in a 3 to 3 tie.
  • Baseball Championship.

    Baseball Championship.
    My summer team won the league championship. We won the final game 6-2. I pitched 2 innings and gave up no runs. Our team beat Troy. I threw the final pitch of the game and there was a dog pile around me. I was very happy that day.
  • First day at Lutheran Northwest

    First day at Lutheran Northwest
    I transfered to Northwest in the summer. I liked the change. I was surprised to get homework on the first day of school. I liked being a sophmore in high school. This school is fun.
  • Period: to

    Lutheran High School Northwest.

    I really like LHNW. It is a nice place to learn. The kids are nice and there are no problems. I am now a 10th grader. I have a 3.6 GPA and play three sports here.
  • Present day

    Present day
    It is March. I am not at school now because of the coronavirus. It is 11:18 pm. I am 15 years old and about to move houses. I just packed up my room.