Kuss front

Kuss Middle School's life as "chronically underperforming"

  • Kuss recommended for "underperforming" designation

    Kuss recommended for "underperforming" designation
    Education Commissioner David Driscoll recommends Matthew J. Kuss Middle School be designated chronically underperforming. It would be the first school in the state to be labeled with the designation.
  • Principal fired

    Kuss Principal Richard Cochran is fired.
  • Interim principal named

    Robert Hassan is named Kuss' interim principal.
  • Turnaround plan made

    Fall River's School Committee approves a turnaround plan for Kuss.
  • It's official: "Chronically underperforming"

    The official designation is made: Massachusetts Board of Education declares Kuss as "chronically underperforming."
  • Liaison named to oversee improvement efforts

    Matthew George named liaison between state and district to monitor improvement efforts.
  • State begins to visit, check in on Kuss

    Department of Education officials begin making regular visits to Kuss.
  • State delivers orders

    The Board of Education orders seven actions take place at Kuss. Also, the Board of Education selects America's Choice to serve as intervention partner.
  • More oversight established

    An Oversight Committee is named to guide improvement.
  • New principal named

    New principal named
    Nancy Mullen is appointed principal at Kuss Middle School.
  • Corrective action taken

    Extended Learning Time begins at Kuss. Also, the Department of Education places Kuss in corrective action status after failing to meet Adequate Yearly Progress benchmarks in four consecutive years.
  • Some improvement is seen

    The failure rate declines in four of seven MCAS categories, and the school meets Adequate Yearly Progress requirements.
  • A step back: Failure rates increase

    The failure rate increases in four of the six MCAS categories, and the school fails to make AYP. READ THE STORY
  • That's the spirit

    The School Committee approves the use of "spiritwear" at Kuss. READ THE STORY
  • A brand new home

    A brand new home
    The new Kuss Middle School opens. READ THE STORY
  • Sign of improvement seen once again

    DESE designates Kuss as "on target" to improve the school's performance rating after school failure rates on both the ELA and math MCAS exams decrease. READ THE STORY
  • Kuss lauded for positive steps

    Kuss hosts a statewide professional development session after being recognized for successful implementation of ELT program.
  • More work required

    Kuss is designated a Level 4 school by DESE, along with the Henry Lord Middle School and John Doran Elementary School. The school district is required to form a redesign plan for the school. READ THE STORY
  • Fall River sets sights on Amazing Teachers

    The Fall River school district joins the Amazing Teachers program to recruit teachers for low-performing schools, including Kuss. READ THE STORY
  • Another year of improvement

    Kuss makes AYP in both math and English categories. READ THE STORY
  • Happier students

    Kuss is awarded a $16,000 grant to support programs aimed at behavioral and emotional issues in the school.
  • And ... a step backward

    DESE reports Kuss failed to meet AYP requirements on both the math and English categories.
  • Another new principal

    Another new principal
    READ THE STORYMichael Procaccini is named principal following the retirement of Mullen.
  • New program ... and new success

    Kuss is rated as being on target or above average on the state's new measurement system, called the Progress and Performance Index. READ THE STORY
  • Things are looking up

    DESE issues a report noting academic improvements at Kuss. READ THE STORY
  • 200 more students at Kuss

    An additional 200 students are assigned to Kuss following the closure of Henry Lord Middle School and the rejection of an early college school that would include middle school-aged children. READ THE STORY
  • Kuss: One of the best middle schools in the state

    DESE announces that Kuss has exited Level 4 status and is now designated as Level 1, representing its status as one of the state's best middle schools.