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Aleksys Williamson Medication Events

  • Clinic Appointment

    Clinic Appt. with Dr. Matthew Giefer. M.D. provided a ZenPeP and AquaDEKS prescription to Shanyn Swanson. (See Clinic Note from Seattle Children's Hospital)
  • ZenPep Purchased

    Sheila Williamson purchased ZenPep for Aleksys using the prescription on file from June 27, 2013. (See Expense Summary Report & Signature Page 1)
  • ZenPep Purchased

    Ryan Flemming purchased ZenPep for Aleksys using the insurance on file at Wal-Mart for Tim Williamson (30 day supply = 240 pills) (See Expense Report & Signature Page 2)
  • School- ZenPep

    On Sept. 10, 2013 Shanyn Swanson provided the entire bottle of medication (a 30 day supply, 240 pills) to Green Mountain Elementary School leaving no medication to be used at home. (See Medication Tracking Sheet from School)
  • No ZenPep Purchased

    The 30 days supply of ZenPep purchased in Sept should be gone. No ZenPep was purchased in October. (See Expense Report)
  • No ZenPep Purchased

    No ZenPep was purchased in the month of November 2013. (See Expense Report)
  • ZenPep - School

    The 30 day supply of ZenPep that was provided to the school in September (there have been 33 days of school, Aleksys would have used a total of 58 pills, leaving a remainder of 182 pills as of November 10, 2013 for school use. With no prescription filled in October or November, Aleksys would have no pills at home.
  • Tim gives Aleksys (Shanyn) ZenPep

    Tim sends Aleksys home with 28 pills (from the purchase made on 08/05/2013) because she states she is getting really low at home. (See School Medication Tracking Form)
  • ZenPep School

    Green Mountain School Calendar Ryan Flemming dropped of 28 pills to the school. (On November 10 there should have been 182 pills remaining if Aleksys was is only taking 2 with lunch. If she was instead eating breakfast at school the 240 pills would be gone by 12/03/2013 (240/4=60 days) See attached school calendar. (See also Medication Tracking Form)
  • School Reports No ZenPep

    School reports to Shanyn that Aleksys is out of ZenPep (verbal)
  • School Waiting on ZenPep

    School report they still have not received any ZenPep from mother. Tim advised if not received on Monday 01/13/2014 he will fill the prescription and provide them. (verbal) (See also school letter regarding no medication)
  • CPS Speaks with Aleksys

    CPS speaks with Aleksys at Green Mountain Elementary School and calls father (Tim) and mother (Shanyn).
  • ZenPep Purchased

    Shanyn Swanson purchased ZenPep for Aleksys, removed the insurance provided by Tim Williamson and added Premiera. (See Expense Report & Signature page 3)
  • ZenPep School

    Shanyn Swanson provided the school with 40 pills. (200 pills remain) (See MedicationTracking Sheet)
  • ZenPep School

    Andrea Cox (Shanyn's Grandmother) dropped of 100 pills to the school. (100 pills remain) (see Medication Tracking Sheet)
  • Shanyn gives Tim 46 ZenPep

    Of the 240 pills (30 day supply) purchased by Shanynn on 01/13/204 Shanyn gives Tim 46 pills (54 pills remain for Shanyn to provide for use at home for 20 days) Supply should deminsh on February 15, 2014)
  • ZenPep Prescription Transferred (Shanyn)

    On January 20, 2014 Shanyn Swanson attempted to transfer Tim's prescription for Aleksys from Walmart where it had been since June 27, 2013. Received automated call on our home phone (which was the contract number on record for the prescription at WalMart) (Listen to Recording at A new prescription has not yet been sent to Walgreens, nor requested from Dr. Matthew Giefer by Shanyn Swanson
  • AquaDEKS Request (Sheila)

    Sheila Williamson called Doris at Seattle Children's to request a prescription for AquaDEKS be sent to Wal-mart in Poulsbo. ((See letter from Dr. Giefer. Prescription Request)
  • AquaDEKS Purchased

    Sheila Williamson purchased AquaDEKS for Aleksys. Paid Cash (See Expense Report & Shanyn 02/12/2014 Legal Declaration) (no signature required)
  • ZenPep Purchased

    Tim Williamson purchased ZenPep for Aleksys. (See Expense Report, no signature was required by Wal-Mart on this pickup, not sure why)
  • AquaDEKS Request (Shanyn)

    Shanyn Swanson called Doris to request a prescription for AquaDEKS be sent to Walgreens in Silverdale. (See Dr. Giefer Prescription Request Letter Dated 02/14/2014)
  • AquaDEKS School

    Sheila Williamson dropped off 40 pills to the school. (none have yet to be given to Aleksys as Shanyn Swanson forbode the school from giving them to Aleksys. (See Medication Tracking Sheet)
  • Shanyns Declaration Under Oath Re: Medications

    Shanyn states:I receive prescriptions that must be filled monthly. I make sure our daughter gets her medications daily. (See the Legal Declaration (under penalty of perjury) dated 02/12/2014)
  • Walgreens Prescription

    Shanyn chose not to pick up the AquaDEKS from Walgreens as a generic brand was subsituted. She advised pharmacist she only wanted name brand, she would get it from WalMart. Prescription STORED by Walgreens. (See Walgreens Statement)
  • Letter from Dr. Matthew Giefer

    Letter from Dr. Matthew Giefer indicates prescription for AquaDEKS provided to Walgreen's per Shanyns Request. Also reflects 08/05/2013 prescriptions for ZenPep and AquaDEKS (7 days before Tim left for Minnesota with Sheila and David for transplant).
  • Walgreens AquaDEKS Prescription Not Filled

    AquaDEKS not yet filled. No ZenPep ever filled. (See Walgreens Statement pages 1-3)
  • Letter from School

    School letter states "Shanyn gave verbal commincation, does not want school to give AquaDEKS she is giving a multivitamin (has not yet filled the AquaDEKS and is not giving it to Aleksys per the physician's instructions. (See Letter from Green Mountain School Nurse,Sondra Riley)
  • Shanyn claims to have enough ZenPep

    On February 21, 2014 after pleading in court that she didn't have enough pills to make it more than another week on 02/12/2014 Shanyn emails Tim indicating she has enough to get through until his next visitation on Feburay 28, 2014 ( A whole 14 days longer than her 01/13/2014 prescription would have allowed) (See email from Shanyn to Tim regarding court order from judge)
  • Walgreens Prescriptions Not Filled

    AquaDEKS not yet filled. ZenPep was cancelled in January. No new prescription has been received. (Tim called Walgreens to verify if prescription was filled yet) Per Jenny at Walgreens, on 02/13/2014 Shany came int to fill the prescription but as it was a generic subsitute she didn't want it, only wanted name brand. See Walgreens Statement page 3)
  • Recap of 01/13/2014 ZenPep

    1. RECAP of Shanyn’s Supply as of 01/18/2014: a. 02/13/2014 Green Mountain Elementary received 40 pills b. 02/14/2014 Green Mountain Elementary received 100 pills c. 02/18/2014 Tim Williamson received 46 pills (to next 2 visits) d. 240-40-100-46 = 54 pills remaining for home use at Shanyn’s. i. 54 pills/6 pills per day = 9 days of pills as of January 18, 2014.