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Educational Background

  • São José de Vila Matilde

    São José de Vila Matilde
    I went to school for the first time. I entered the college of San José de Vila Matilde with 5 years old in kindergarten and I was the youngest in the class. I cried every day because I woke up too early. The school was run by nuns and my mother was a teacher of Portuguese. I was obliged to be the example for the other children as much in behavior as good grades. In fact I was a good student and super shy.
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  • Graduation

    After nine years in the same school, finally I graduated. The best thing about this year was the graduation trip. For the first time I left the country, I traveled to Foz do Iguaçu and visited Argentina and made purchases in Paraguay. I did entrance exam for technical course. I passed the Federal School and Liceu. I opted for the latter because of the course of Construction Drawing and also because my brother was studying there and we could go together. Was the best choice I could have made.
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  • Liceu de Artes e Ofícios

    Liceu de Artes e Ofícios
    Liceu de Artes e Ofícios
    I started at "Liceu de Artes e Ofícios". I started taking the subway every day and feeling sick too. I have a problem called "kinetosis" that causes nausea and dizziness due to problems in the labyrinth. But gradually I got used with the changes. It was the best period of my life, I made great friends and also met what would come be my future husband. I only have good memories of that period.
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  • Graduation

    This year I graduated from college and I went to do a preparatory course for entrance exam of Architecture at USP, but I didn't pass and I decided to change careers. After moving several times opinion, I decided to do Pedagogy. Professional experience as an architect didn't are very good. So I thought that I should do something related to social programs, work for the needy society, not for the elite.
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  • Mackenzie University

    Mackenzie University
    I passed in the entrance exam at Mackenzie in the middle of the year and I started the course of Pedagogy with specialization in Early Childhood. Soon I started working at a private school and I saw that I had made the right choice. I had very good teachers in the area of Social Sciences, Philosophy and Psychology.
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  • Transformation and Revolution

    Transformation and Revolution
    At that point I "discovered" Marx, Foucault, Adorno, the Frankfurt School, Che Guevara and the pedagogy of Paulo Freire. The theories of these scholars have been a transformation in my concepts, in my views, a true revolution. As soon as I could, I resigned from the private school and went to do a contest to work in public school. Really work for a quality public education, free, laic and universal.
  • Graduation

    Year of college graduation, a great achievement for me, as I had great difficulty paying tuition during the four-year course. Even with 40% of study scholarship, my parents had to help me pay for tuition. In the last year all scholarship students lost scholarships and my luck is that I won a motorcycle in the raffle of OAB (where I worked as an educator) during the end of year party for employees and took the cash value. In the society that we live is a privilege to study at a University.
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  • FESPSP posgraduate

    FESPSP posgraduate
    FESPSPI signed up in a postgraduate course on Globalization and Culture in FESPSP. To be a teacher I believe we must take a critical formation of society, much more than a didactic training, because this we learn in practice. One of the greatest problems of education in our country is a bad teacher training. It's need to have a very solid conception education and adequate current society, the school needs to be reinvented, and I see that we aren't going the right way, unfortunately.
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