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Participatoring learning

  • 1991-2003 I attended school and got good grades

    I always attended school and I got really good grades. I did what I was supposed to do. I did not like school, but I did it. I got nervous with exams and I had bad time before them, even I had some skin rashes because of my nervousism.
  • Period: to

    My educational Life

  • I dropped out of school (4º ESO)

    I was one week off of school because I was ill and when I came back, I was lost, it was the first time I was like this, I was used to being updated. This and other problems made me to leave high-school.
  • I started 4º Eso again but I dropped out of it again

    I decided to come back to high school like I was supposed to do, but in the second quarter, although I had the best grades at class again, I decided to leave again. I did not want to be there, I did not like it, I did not know what to do, but I knew this was not.
  • English business management

    INEF 200h
    I attended an English course about Business managment. By this time, I had realized that I liked English and I was good at it, so I started learni g and improving it.
  • I passed first level test of EOI and attended second level

    Official School of Language (Mazarrón)
    I passed the first level exam and started the second level of Escuela de Idiomas.
  • Intermediate online English Course

    256h. I was working and I was offered to do it in my company, so I did it. Indeed it was really easy, once I saw the contens, I went directly to do the exam.
  • Advanced online English Course

    This was the second of my company, there were intermediate and advanced, like the other, I went directly to do the exam, it was easy.
  • I got High-school graduate in Adult High School in Lorca

    While I was working, I decided that I must have the High School graduate, all my classmates had it, why not me?I had better grades that them so I had to have it. I went to Lorca for 4-5 months and passed all the exams and I got the certificate.
  • I passed the access to Proffesional Training

    El Argar (Almería)
    When I was finishing High School in Lorca, one of my classmates told me that she had passed the exam access to Proffesional Training, and I though, "If you have passed it, I will pass". So I was working during all the summer and having Economics classes, and the week before the exam, I had French and Maths classes. I studied Language and English on my own. Finally I passed it.
  • I started Administration and Finances Proffesional Training

    I started it in September, after the access exam, but I dropped out of it at the beginning of the second quarter. I had passed all the subjects with good grades but because of some problems and my lack of confidence of myself. It was like I could not finish things, I was not able.
  • Certificate of work research course

    Totana´s council
    When I was doing the Fp, we were offered to do a workshop on work research, so I did it.
  • I passed the exam first intermediate of EOI

    I did´t go to the classes during all the year, I only went to the exam because of my job, I spoke with the teacher and I was not excluded of the class. I was studying during the summer with an English Teacher exchanging the classes for looking after their kids
  • I got MEC grant I went to Edinburgh for 3 weeks-

    Semi-Intensive General English Course (EAC Language School
    I got the MEC grant, and I went to Edinburgh for 3 weeks, I wanted to learn more English and other cultures
  • I started Administration and Finances Proffesional Training and finished 2013

    Semi online
    CIFPPU Carlos III
    I needed to finish what I started, it was my goal, and I liked it, I loved accountancy, workers rights and all of this staff, and it would be useful for my current job in the office, So I took it up again and finished with the best grades of my class.
  • I attended and passed 4º EOI (Mazarrón)

    I attended and passed 4º EOI
  • I attended and passed 5º EOI (Lorca)

    I attended and passed 5º EOI in Lorca, as this level was not in Mazarrón, it was up to 4º, we had to go to Lorca twice per week. I went with some classmates, we shared car.
  • I started Primary Education Degree (Bilingual)

    I started Primary Education Degree, It is amazing, I am learning a lot, and I find it really interesting and worth it.
  • I started 6º EOI (Molina de Segura)

    I am attending it at the moment, hopefuly I will pass it
  • Focus group reserach- Planning lesson

    Up to December
    I took part in a focus group with Nicolás, I was in charged of tapping all the meetings. I learnt a lot doing that about the contents and disccussions. It was from September up to December.
  • Student intern of Developmental Psychology

    Now I am intern student of Developmental Psychology, I help them and I will take part in the Binding proyect which is about the detection of comprehension and reading problems in children.