Reiner Timeline

  • It's a boy!

    It's a boy!
    I was born on Nov. 13 1999 and lucky me instead of sleeping my dad Loren Mahler was watching a football game. My mother Dawn Mahler was happy to see me and both my parents to give me the english version of her cousin (Rainer) and my first two initals are my Grandpa Mahler's first name (Rb).
  • Start of 8th grade.

    Start of 8th grade.
    On this day I want to take advanced art because art is my favorite subject and I think taking the advanced class will be even more fun.
  • Goodbye Prairie

    Goodbye Prairie
    Three goals I want to achieve are: 1. Be on the volleyball or basketball team. 2. Get into honors soceity. 3. To make the last year count.
  • G.P.A.

    I want to become the valodictorian in highschool.
  • Sports

    The sports I want to join are Volleyball and Basketball.
  • Driving

    I want to be the best driver in Drivers Ed.

    The high school of my choice is Shepard highschool.
  • Straight A's

    Straight A's
    I want to get straight a's throughout highschool.
  • Clubs

    I want to join german club and science club because my sister and cousin were in them and were happy in them.
  • Congrats Grads

    Congrats Grads
    Two obsticals I will have to face are: 1.Poor grades. 2. Not getting a scholership.