• Mar 5, 1529

    Henry VIII is now the Head of the Church

    Henry VIII declares himself head of the English church, forcibly cuts the Anglican bishops off from communion with Rome, calls the Reformation Parliament, and marries Anne Boleyn.
  • Mar 5, 1534

    Swear to Henry VIII

    Everyone must swear allegiance to Henry VIII as head of the English church. Thomas More, his Prime Minister and author of "Utopia", and John Fisher, saintly bishop of Rochester, refuse to swear.
  • Mar 5, 1536

    Open the Kings Eye's

    William Tyndale, a priest and Lutheran sympathizer who is responsible for an illegal English translation of the Bible, is strangled at the stake. Tyndale's last words are "Lord, open the King of England's eyes."
  • Mar 5, 1546

    The Council of Trent

    Bishops in communion with the bishop of Rome decide that the church "venerates equally" the Bible and the written and unwritten traditions. This is the beginning of the Tridentine Church (today's Roman Catholic church). England is becoming a haven for Protestants from the continent.
  • Mar 5, 1547

    King Henry VIII Dies

    Henry VIII dies. He has executed around 60 people for "religious" reasons, among a total of about 130 political executions. He is succeeded by his sickly teenaged son, Edward VI.
  • Mar 5, 1548

    Images are Removed from the Churches

    "Images" ordered removed from all churches by the council of regents. This also means no vestments, ashes, palms, holy water, or crucifixes. This causes so much resentment that an order suppressing all preaching follows.
  • Mar 5, 1553

    "Bloody Mary" Comes into Power

    Edward VI dies. People are tired of Protestant looting of churches. Mary Tudor ("Bloody Mary"), a militant Roman Catholic, becomes queen. Popular at first, she soon marries the hated Philip II of Spain. Persecution of Protestants begins; Mary appoints new bishops and fires all married priests. During her reign, about 300 Protestans are burned, including 5 bishops, 100 priests, 60 women.
  • Mar 5, 1559

    Elizabeth I Changes the Church

    Book of Common Prayer revised. Elizabeth I reintroduces the surplice, explaining that it is a clergyman's uniform. A special license is required to preach. There is no church music except metrical psalms sung to ballad tunes.
  • Mar 5, 1560

    An Apology to the Church

    John Jewel writes "An Apology for the Church of England". Rome, not England, is schismatic.
  • Mar 5, 1565

    An Antichrist Bishop?

    "Foxe's Book of Martyrs." The bishop of Rome is portrayed as the Antichrist; Foxe writes speeches as needed for such "Protestant martyrs" as Thomas Cromwell.
    Archbishop Parker produces the "Bishop's Bible".