Quiz 1 Cyber Security-A World Of Experts and Criminals

  • Chapter 1 CyberSecurity A World Of Experts And Criminals

    What is an example of an internet data domain? One example of a internet data domain is Linkedin.
    What does Vulnerabillity mean in terms of cyber security?
    The term Vulnerabillity means a weakness that makes a target susceptible to an attack.
    What does the acronym IoE represent in cyber security?
    IoE represents Internet of everything
  • The CyberSecurity Cube Chapter 2

    What name is given to a storage device connected to a network?
    NAS What is a secure virtual network called that uses the public network?
    VPN What principle prevents the disclosure of information to unauthorized people, resources, and processes?
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    Quiz 1 Cyber Security

  • CyberSecurity Threats, Vulnerabillity, and attacks Chapter 3

    What does a rootkit modify?
    operating system What is the name for the type of software that generates revenue by generating annoying pop-ups?
    adware What is the term used to describe an email that is targeting a specific person employed at a financial institution?
    spear phishing
  • Chapter 4 The Art Of Protecting Secrets

    Which asymmetric algorithm provides an electronic key exchange method to share the secret key
    Diffie-Hellman What encryption algorithm uses the same pre-shared key to encrypt and decrypt data?
    symmetric What type of cipher encrypts plaintext one byte or one bit at a time?